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NSCT Paint

never the same colour twice paint
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With NSCT Paint, your walls will have an unrepeatable colour and finish.

NSCT Paint consists of a large tin of a regular colour like Bone China White, but attached to this a tiny amount of staining pigment. This comes in a variety of colours, from strong reds, yellows etc to subtle pastels. These also contain a large number of porous hairs embedded with colour, mixed in with the general pigment.

In order to achieve your totally unique NSCT paint finish, you simply tip the contents of the staining pigment complete with hairs into the larger tin, and give it no more than a couple of stirs to ensure that it has no chance of mixing properly.

Now when you start painting your walls, you will achieve a totally unique finish, as streaks of pigment appear at random in the middle of areas of pure background colour. Some of these are due to the partly mixed pigment itself, and some are due to the hairs which contaminate the surface after they are painted on.

xenzag, Jun 08 2011


       But how will this make all the people in your house look orange?
hippo, Jun 08 2011

       PAL Paint, shimmers at 25 frames per second (with a more natural, bluish hue).
NSPCC paint - very dark, contains bits of children
NASCAR paint - smells of beer and gasoline
NESTLE paint - chocolate coloured, smells faintly of doom.
zen_tom, Jun 08 2011

       Actually, that makes me think. If you were to sell normal paint labelled as "High definition paint" and price it at two or three times the cost of normal paint, it would probably be bought by the kind of people why buy Blu-Ray players.
hippo, Jun 08 2011

       too posh to paint?
po, Jun 08 2011

       Most definitely, if you could find a way to discuss/explain the way that light is refracted/scattered through the micro/nano particles in the paint, and develop a "visuophile" language wherin you could help people discover the clarity of various tones in pseudo-scientific terms, I'm sure you could sell special paints containing a particular type of oxy-hydrides that scatter light just-so.
zen_tom, Jun 08 2011

       Do you mean NTSC?
spidermother, Jun 08 2011

       Never the Same Colour Twice = NSCT
xenzag, Jun 08 2011

       Ah. I got confused by [zen tom]'s mentioning PAL.
spidermother, Jun 08 2011

       I mentioned PAL because I think that's what [hippo] was referring to and because I'd never heard of NSCT either and didn't figure out the acronym* and decided that the best way to express all of that was by being silly.   

       *if had been NtSCT I *might* have twigged - but would probably have been silly anyway.
zen_tom, Jun 08 2011

       I like these a lot://NSPCC paint - very dark, contains bits of children, NASCAR paint - smells of beer and gasoline//   

       Can add NAPALM paint - smells like victory, and RSPB paint - rub it with the edge of your hand to create bird calls.
xenzag, Jun 08 2011

       The first description I ever saw of NTSC actually jokingly suggested it stood for "never twice the same colour" . Apparently it's not really a very stable colour system.
NoOneYouKnow, Jun 09 2011

       I believe NSCT is Never Same Colour Twice
dev45, Jun 11 2011


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