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Paint Utilizing Privacy Enforcing Device

Wagner Type Sprayer for the Enforcement of a No Moblogger Zone
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the appearance of cell phone cameras and voice recorders used to blog about daily life as it happens open the way for a new privacy enforcing device.

thise device is a pressurized tank of some ridiculously brightly colored paint, attached to a flexible tubing with a trigger valve and a wide angle nozzle. the tubing goes up your sleeve and straps to your wrist, while the tank rest on the small of your back.

when a moblogger is discovered aiming their recording device of choice in your direction, the previously hiddent sprayer becomes visible when a sheet of pink paint sprays out and is used to completely cover the blogger from head to toe. this will result in the shorting out of electronic recorders, and the blinding of camera screens, as well as marking a blogger as a warning to others.

tcarson, Jun 28 2006


       An EMP weapon would do the shorting out part a lot better, but I prefer this method.
wagster, Jun 28 2006

       emp would require heavy batteries, short out anything in range, and not paint the moblogger a ludicrous hue. i thought about it, and i like this one better too.
tcarson, Jun 28 2006


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