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Paintball Cap-Guns

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Modify a paintball gun to use cap-gun ammo (the paper strip type, not the six shooter rings) so it makes a loud bang when you fire, as well as shooting a paintball.

It would add an extra edge to paintballing as people could locate you when you fire, but also vice versa.

DesertFox, Jul 17 2005

Propane enhanced performance http://www.tippmann...s.aspx?categoryid=4
Speaking of propane powered markers. Check out the link. Now all you need is a pilot light and you'll be blasting away. [FunkyMunky, Feb 28 2006]

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       This would help. Muzzle flash would be good as well.   

       [2 fries] a camera flash inside a tube mounted below the barrel?
[DF] + on the sound idea.
Zimmy, Jul 17 2005

       [DF] have you been paintballing ? the guns (or whatever it is the painballers call them, they've got a special name) make a fair old noise on their own.
neilp, Jul 17 2005


       But yeah the muzzle flash is a neat idea.
Cuit_au_Four, Jul 17 2005

       They do have a flash of sorts. It's not a light flash but a flash of CO2 or Nitrogen (whichever they are using). They also do make a fair bit of an audible crack when they fire. Would be a cool thing to do though.   

FunkyMunky, Feb 27 2006

       Quote from a spud gun site: 'New stuff is cool, but new stuff that makes loud bangs and shoots things rules!'
spidermother, Feb 27 2006

       If you used butane or propane instead of CO2, and put a small pilot light by the muzzle, you might get a nice flash, without affecting the velocity of the ball (too much).
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 27 2006

       See the link I posted about propane powered markers.
FunkyMunky, Feb 28 2006


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