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Paintball gatling/jet sprayer

super rapid paintball base defense/high volume siege control.
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Have a fortress with a high powered air compressor and mount it in a corner with a hose travelling through the roof to a pad fixture. Next to the compressor, have a pressure system with paint in the line, leading up to the pad as well. Mount a weapon on the pad that looks like a gatling with a large enlongated barrel sticking out of the middle. The system is designed for the air to spin it while it is active, when the air is allowed into the gatling barrel, it is sent out in a hugh pressure burst. Reloading is through a large hopper one placed to drop into the barrel that was just fired from. A spring loaded plate closes the barrel being fired from, for best pressure, while another, larger plate covers the loaded barrels, to keep the balls from falling out of the barrels. Mount a lever on the side that re-routes the air to the sprayer barrel, wich has several holes for high ammounts of pressurized paint to enter the barrel. When the paint is met with a high velocity blast of air, it sends the paint flying. Wich is perfect for handling full fledged frontal sieges.
jabberbox, Jun 21 2006


       I lost interest at "have a fortress with a high powered air compresser.   

       But if you'll break it up into several paragraphs I'll go back and give it another try.
normzone, Jun 21 2006

       I tried it, and I don't like it. It's too complex and confused. A flamethrower full of paint would be a lot better, and handy if you ever needed a flamethrower.
baconbrain, Jun 22 2006


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