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Booby balls

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Combine a re-engineered agricultural sprinkler with a air combustion spud gun.Which in turn sprays a volley of paintballs within a circular radius once twig and string trap is tripped.




skinflaps, May 25 2006

Spudtech http://www.spudtech.com/
[skinflaps, May 26 2006]


       wait, how would this work? if you're throwing raw paint i can see it, but paintballs and sprinklers don't mesh
tcarson, May 25 2006

skinflaps, May 26 2006

       it would work better if it wasn't a sprinkler. maybe just a platform that spun around that paintballs poured onto
tcarson, May 26 2006

       Ok, I havn't made it very clear.I was thinking of a agricultural/industrial spinning sprinkler placed upon a short tripod, not one that purely spouts liquid.This fires paintballs from a magazine at a high rate through a air combustion spud gun whilst rotating extremely quickly.(sprinkler, not being a very macho paintballing word, however that is what it is.The sprinkler is only part of this to rotate the spud gun)   

       This is effectively a booby trap.
skinflaps, May 26 2006

       i get it now. i like it, it's like having a fidgety younger sibling playing paintball with you without the whole having to watch out for them part.
tcarson, May 26 2006

       It's a paintball landmine. This means WAR!
nihilo, May 26 2006

       Modifying the sprinkler so that it could shoot paintballs would require such drastic changes that you might as well just design an automated paintball gun from the ground up.
5th Earth, May 27 2006

       How about a CO2 fired Bouncing Betty? Once triggered the land mine "pops" it package about 5' in the air and explodes the shrapnel or in this case paint balls in 360 degree rotaion ensuring everything in range is "effected".
CNIII, May 27 2006

       // you might as well just design an automated paintball gun from the ground up.//   

       True.However, this is a poorly thought out idea.
skinflaps, May 27 2006

       I think the word you are looking for is "spreader" not "sprinkler"
Galbinus_Caeli, May 27 2006

       For some strange reason, I think this might have gone down better if it was about testicles with nipples. Then again, maybe not.
Ling, May 28 2006

       What you're saying is that you want an auto paintball gun mounted on a sprinkler that would act as a turntable.   

       The sprinkler could also be used to pipe in remote gas pressure to reduce the weight acting on the bearings and rotational inertia?   

       And you're using the inertia of the paintballs (once activated) to cause it to spin around, firing in a sweeping circle.   

       All I hope is that you've got an awful lot of paintballs!
Skrewloose, Dec 04 2008

       //All I hope is that you've got an awful lot of paintballs!//   

       With the little sack carrying grotto helpers with their seasonal snow paint ball machines, there'll be plenty.
skinflaps, Dec 05 2008

       what's the equivalent of 360 degrees in three dimensions?
GutPunchLullabies, Dec 08 2008


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