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Paintball Flamethrower

Horribly expensive!
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(+8, -3)
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Lugged around with a giant paint-filled pack, this paintball gun is horrible innacurate, horrible expensive to use, and horrible fun!

No longer do you just hit someone once, and they are out! You get to DELUGE them with paint, and they must roll aroun screaming as if they were on fire.

Added bonus, this can go over obstacles!

DesertFox, May 25 2006

Indian Pump firefighting backpack
http://cspoutdoors.stores.yahoo.net/infecobafipu.html [tcarson, May 25 2006]

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       Can you hear a plane?
methinksnot, May 25 2006

skinflaps, May 25 2006

       [link] take one of these and fill it with a tempura paint/water mixture
tcarson, May 25 2006

       [+] Haha, awesome! I once watched a team-mate storm a 'fortress' (a shed) and hurl a paint grenade through the window. Yes he was peppered for doing so, but the screams that came from within the shed were more than worth it.   

       I can now picture a paintflamer creeping up to that same doorway .. *evil, evil, EVIL laugh*
kuupuuluu, May 26 2006

       [methinksnot], target acquisition commencing...
david_scothern, May 26 2006

       yeah, and than after liquifying them (RYYYYYYYYYYYYYY) you can haveit set up to blast people at close range with a shor jet blast of a mix of water, air, and paint
jabberbox, Jun 21 2006


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