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Paintball Shotgun

When googled, the results are not shotguns. They are pump action one shot regular paintball guns.
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I googled, and found many things claiming to be paintball shotguns. But they were all single shot, with normal paintball.

Instead, I want paintball cartridges, with small, 1/4 inch paintballs, to load into my paintball shotgun. Similar to buckshot, but with paintballs. Each cartridge has a small compressed-air charge to shoot off the mini-paintballs.

No refilling the air reservoir. Just load in another cartridge and shoot.

DesertFox, Feb 22 2005

Paintball shotgun http://www.rustyspa...etails.asp?id_wep=6
This one's more like an RPG, but does same job [david_scothern, Feb 23 2005]


       Wouldn't smaller paintballs require more force to burst on impact?
bristolz, Feb 22 2005

       Or a thinner skin.
Worldgineer, Feb 22 2005

       I thought about the thinner skin but wondered if they'd burst in the confined chamber area when expelled from the gun.
bristolz, Feb 22 2005

       They certainly might. Perhaps just use something that is meant to break apart, holding paint. The drops themselves would act as the shotgun pellets. You'd have terrible range and accuracy, but that's fairly appropriate for a shotgun.
Worldgineer, Feb 22 2005

       Thinner skin is what I was thinking of. They would probably hold together during the shot, too. Paintball skins are not as weak as one would think.
DesertFox, Feb 23 2005

       Any thinner and I'll snap.
skinflaps, Feb 23 2005

       Baked. Google pneumatic cannons instead.
david_scothern, Feb 23 2005

       [ds], I did. You should re-read the idea and then google pneumatic cannons. He isn't talking about a potato gun - - he is talking about a different type of ammunition for paintball guns. [+] Thinner skin probably would be required but even if they broke apart after launch, it would still closely emulate the effect of a buck-shot shotgun. (after re-reading the above annotations, basically: "What [Worldgineer] said.")
contracts, Feb 23 2005

       No, I understand that the majority of pneumatic cannons are just built by enthusiasts, but I've done a lot of research into paintballing. There are nutters who build cannon small enough to carry round and fire buckshot-like charges of paintballs out of them. I'll try to find a specific link. <edit> see link; this one looks like an anti-tank missile but is available in a constant-air-pressure (gas-powered) variant. They'll take the 6mm paintballs you're after.   

       <edit> ordinary paintball guns cannot be adapted to take shot. Their loading mechanisms rely totally on rolling an individual round into the chamber. You'd definitely have to use something with a larger bore, custom built for the job.
david_scothern, Feb 23 2005

       Very true. The real value of Buckshot, the way I see it, is that you're plugging the target full of holes in more than one place, and hence you're more likely to hit something important. The idea that they throw shot all over the place is pure videogames.
Madcat, Jul 17 2005

       //Shot travels in a "sock"// - Is that where "sock it to me" comes from?
wagster, Jul 17 2005

       //a Winchester .44 lever action rifle slug drops about 6ft in 100yds, with black powder loads// Is that for real? I make that less than 500 feet/sec.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 18 2005

       What if you simply put the smaller shot into a case the size of a normal paintball and designed it to break apart just before or just after leaving the barrel send the individual shots to the target?
Valthonis, Jul 18 2005

       Perhaps you could cram some extra balls down the barrel of your regular paintball gun?
bungston, Jul 19 2005

       Use Nerf instead of rubber - it'll soak up the paint.
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 11 2005

       Baked-- kindof. They have guns that shoot 10+ normal-size shots at once through a big barrel. The downside is that if fired from <10' range they will injure the target person.
sninctown, Oct 11 2005

       Don't use Nerf, it's too soft, and will drift and pitch as it flies. Slightly denser foam or foam rubber is superior, maybe injected with dye so that the paint is extruded through the pores in the ball on impact.   

       Shell should be designed with a paper cap on one end and a heavily-perforated plastic base. Air from the compressed air canister moves into the chamber and into the shell through the base, forcing the contents of the shell through the paper cap and outward, where they strike their target (unless you suck at shooting).   

       A quick pump ejects the used cartridge and loads the next.
shapu, Oct 12 2005

       To make a shotgun that fires miniature paintballs the ideal setup would be to have it replicate a real shotgun; in cartridges and pump action. A refillable cartridge filled with tiny soft shelled paintballs. Accuracy would be horrible but short range would be pretty effective. Even just a cartridge filled with thicker liquid paint that sprays paint when fired.
FunkyMunky, Feb 27 2006

       Sometimes I stick two paintballs in, on chambered normally, and the other muzzle loaded. It's not the least bit accurate, but they don't break against eachother when fired. Tight packaging with a bunch of ickle paintballs sounds like it'll work.   

       The balls would remain intact as they glance off each other and the barrel, whereas a direct frontal contact with the intended target would mash 'em good.
notmarkflynn, Feb 27 2006

       I thought they were banned by the Bejeebers Convention
Dub, Feb 27 2006

       /Shot travels in a "sock" that gets longer and wider with distance/   

       Perhaps one could dispense with the guns altogether, and instead battle with socks full of shot.
bungston, Feb 27 2006

       they make tiny paintballs about the size of a bb for use in paintball blowguns. i looked into making a shotgun with them, but they cost a fortune, even in comparison to standard paint. it would be about five bucks a shot.
tcarson, May 25 2006


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