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Bedpan + Tazer
vfrackis, Apr 23 2012

Don't whiz on the electric fence http://www.youtube....watch?v=_wW6rENTfaU
[AfroAssault, Apr 25 2012]

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Alterother, Apr 23 2012

       Somebody's been whizzing on the electric fence again, haven't they?
RayfordSteele, Apr 23 2012

       Everything has a place on the internet. If you build it, they will...
DIYMatt, Apr 23 2012

       What the [Alterother] said, only in capitals and with an exclamation mark.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 23 2012

       Categorically NO.
UnaBubba, Apr 23 2012

       We already did no.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 23 2012

       Finally! Umm, I mean uh, 'no'.
AusCan531, Apr 23 2012

       Some inventions, Monsieur Guillotin, are best demonstrated by their advocates.   

       <pedantic addendum>M. Guillotin neither invented, nor died upon, the device bearing his name. But don't let that deter you.</pa>
lurch, Apr 23 2012

       "Now, do pay attention, 007. This is the Mk VI Tiger PanzerKampfWagen... the Bedpan / Tazer Struggle Wagon. Believe me, you WILL struggle for a short while, but not as long as you think. With its 88mm inner barrel dimension, Maybach engine and 120mm main armour it's got the stopping power of a bull rhinoceros."   

       "What's thi...?"   

       "Don't tou... uh-uh-uh-uh, NNnngH! AAArrrgh! <sounds of body falling and bootheels drumming on linoleum> Eeeeuuurrrgh! YOU FUCKING PILLOCK, 007! I TOLD YOU... uh-uh-uh-uh, NNnngH! AAArrrgh! <sounds of body falling and bootheels drumming on linoleum>"
UnaBubba, Apr 23 2012

       That's my _other_ gripe over this 'bake.
Alterother, Apr 23 2012

       //I once tried BDSM.// Yeah, but the license, man, the license: You can do *anything* Polymorphous perversity!
mouseposture, Apr 24 2012

       I have to confess that i thought I hadstruck gold with this one.   

       I had visions of being worshiped like a God by only the most elite sexual freaks world wide.   

       not a single bun
vfrackis, Apr 24 2012

       //I had visions of being worshiped like a God//   

       There's medication for that.
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2012

       Is there medication for god? Perhaps there should be..
not_morrison_rm, Apr 24 2012

       If there was a god/s then what sort of antidepressants would it/they need, to feel good about the fuckup we're making of the planet?
UnaBubba, Apr 24 2012

       You're assuming he/she/it/they have anything to do with it, or even care.
Alterother, Apr 24 2012

       I took the time to do some market and brand research on your behalf (invoice to follow). "Frank Zapper" scored well, accross all audiences. "Minge Twinge" came a close second, followed by "Clam Bake" which scored remarkable high amongst women who also own Harleys.
4whom, Apr 25 2012

       Thanks for the bun
vfrackis, Apr 25 2012

       I have to admit, [Afro], I've never been tempted to try. There are a lot of electric fences around where I live.
UnaBubba, Apr 26 2012

       //live// sp: am incarcerated.
4whom, Apr 26 2012

       They're to keep the useless horses owned by the wannabe farmers in the area, in the paddocks where they belong, dickhead.
UnaBubba, Apr 26 2012

       I meant Australia. Sorry for the ambiguity...
4whom, Apr 26 2012

       //I thought I had struck gold with this one// yes, well... the bun:bone ratio may have something to do with nuggets, certainly.
FlyingToaster, Apr 26 2012

       You are possibly one of the persons least likely on Earth to say something unintentionally ambiguous, [4whom].
UnaBubba, Apr 27 2012

       //... most elite sexual freaks world wide.// - and you're posting it *here*?
Uh... Am I out of place? Has the HB changed focus while I wasn't paying attention?
lurch, Apr 27 2012

Alterother, Apr 27 2012


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