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projectile taser

(or spelled "tazer")
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Everyone knows about the tasers that shoot weighted barbs with coiled up wire to transfer the voltage.

With my taser you load a flare sized cartage into the weapon, point and shoot. The actual taser is shot through the air, where it unfurls its electrode barbs. When the taser hits its mark its voltage is radio controlled by you, with the weapon in hand. Advantage would be greater effective distance. And the ability to reload and pursue multiple targets.

evilpenguin, Jun 10 2012

taser shotgun shell http://electronics....r-shotgun-shell.htm
I saw this in a popular science article, I think. [erenjay, Jun 10 2012]


       Baked. See link. Its not radio controlled though, so maybe it could be improved?
erenjay, Jun 10 2012

       Remote controlled wireless taser is baked but not widely known. There's a NLW developer in California that keeps changing their name; they came out with a prototype a couple of years ago. It's the same company that developed the Stingball, then sold the production/marketing rights to CTS. I'll make a cursory search for a link.
Alterother, Jun 10 2012


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