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Pancake Tuesday Bed

bed with mattress flipping apparatus
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Mattresses are supposed to be flipped periodically for various reasons. For the less able, this is quite a task but not if they have a Pancake Tuesday Bed. As the name implies, this bed will effortlessly toss any mattress into the air and ensure it lands in an inverted position.

It can do this because the base of the bed is composed of a compressed air powered smart flipper that can send any mattress skywards. In so doing it imitates the exact motions of an experienced chef when they expertly flip a pancake.

xenzag, Mar 13 2023

Shrove Tuesday https://en.wikipedi...wiki/Shrove_Tuesday
The word shrove is a form of the English word shrive, which means to obtain absolution for one's sins by way of Confession and doing penance. [Voice, Mar 13 2023]


       I feel quite shroven now. [+]
pertinax, Mar 13 2023

       But what about Thursday?
a1, Mar 13 2023

       [+] as long as the mechanism is programmeable or controllable to permit all four possible orientations.
pocmloc, Mar 13 2023

       I feel like this will produce problems in most average height rooms.
MechE, Mar 13 2023

       Recommended for bedrooms with high ceilings.   

       Edit: What MechE said.
swimswim, Mar 13 2023

       Nothing really mattress.   

       Assuming a rectangular prism there are either 3 or 6 orientations depending on whether you're counting each side as an orientation. If your mattress is a regular triangular prism you can have 4 or 8.
Voice, Mar 13 2023

       No obviously the mattress would not be either square or triangular cross section, and nor would you sleep on the edge. Those are all silly suggestions.   

       However a normal rectangular flat thinn-ish mattress has two faces (call them x and y) and two ends (call them a and b). So the four orientations are (written as (face up, head end):
start: (x,a)
flip around long axis: (y,a)
flip around sort axis: (x,b)
flip around long axis: (y,b)
flip around short axis to return to start position.
pocmloc, Mar 13 2023

       "I confess! I confess!!" (ie: confession)   

       <<mechanical whirrr...ffFLiPp!>>   

       "Hll Mrry fll lf grss, th Lrd ss wth thhee..." (ie: penance, while squashed under the mattress)   

       [+] for newest Inquisition device since the Rick Roll and Baby Shark
Sgt Teacup, Mar 14 2023


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