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gentle massage wake up bed

Gentle music already wakes you up; gentliy brightening light already wakes you up, gentle massaging bed wakes you up is apparently a new thing
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Sometimes awakening can be a jarring experience. Music that gently increases volume is already a thing, I think. Light that gradually increases is a thing. Massager beds already exist. Massager beds that detect that you are still alseep and then gently massage while still asleep that gently massaging you into wakefulness are a new to me thing. These would be pleasant the entire time, and adjusted to be quanitatively measured as putting the person into a good mood. This could cause better rising mood and feeling energetic at the beginning of the day.

These massage beds, rather like massage chairs could gently and very pleasurable improve the transition to wakefulness. These could operate on the person for 20 minutes before the alarm goes off even before they are conscious.

Quantitatively this could benefit hundreds of millions of people and have a program that works at waking up people at the 98th percentile of effectiveness at waking people 2 minutes before the audible alarm.

Another thing they could do with it is see if it is possible to extend REM (dream) sleep with massage at various times throughout the night on the asleep, such that they report more good dreams when woken.

beanangel, Feb 19 2020


       I am glad these already exist.
beanangel, Feb 19 2020


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