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Pantoploma Bull Run

the pain in Spain
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Every year in Pamploma Spain there is the bull run, where participating crowds are chased through the streets by rampaging bulls. People get badly injured and some have been killed. It's also cruel to the bulls in a number of ways.

Pantoploma Bull Run replaces this event, but retains many of its features so that it can still be enjoyed as a spectacle of stupidity pain and daring.

Now instead of live bulls there are pantomime bulls to chase the foolhardy, with each bull consisting of two people inside a realistic costume bull, the smaller of whom forms the back legs, with the larger person being the front legs; head and horns.

Tazers installed in the horn tips ensure that any encounters with one of the bulls is still on the painful side and to be avoided.

The back leg person also controls a fake penis which can ejaculate a rotten smelling sticky goo over anyone that the bull can corner and mount, adding to their pain and humiliation after the horns have tazered them into submission. Who wants to have a go?

xenzag, Apr 05 2019


       The last paragraph made me vomit. But other than that, a truly so-so idea. Love you Xenie.
blissmiss, Apr 11 2019

       Thank you blissie..... sorry about the last bit, but bulls will be bulls.
xenzag, Apr 11 2019

       // People get badly injured and some have been killed. //   

       That's the best bit. Bring forth the Darwin Awards ...   

       A cull of idiots is always laudable.   

       // It's also cruel to the bulls in a number of ways. //   

       The event could be made more entertaining by employing large carnivores instead of bulls, perhaps in a sports arena. The TV rights alone would bring in millions, never mind the merchandising ...   

       Allowing bulls to revenge themselves on their tormentors doesn't seem particularly cruel.
8th of 7, Apr 11 2019

       I don't think things end well for the bulls after the run.
xenzag, Apr 11 2019

       And that differs from their normal fate exactly how ?   

       At least with the existing scheme they have some amusement ...
8th of 7, Apr 11 2019

       [8th]'s tweak on the existing scheme could also be used to measure the behavioral progression (regression?) of the general public. Combat activities such as wrestling, boxing and American football currently have huge followings; what percentage increase would a sport with increased brutality gather?
whatrock, Apr 11 2019

       // tweak //   

       Pr. "substantial improvement"   

       // sport with increased brutality //   

       Sp. "Rollerball" ...   

       Panem et circenses ...
8th of 7, Apr 11 2019


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