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Paper mannikin

Sharp, edgy, cheap, dispensible.
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Sometimes a human form can be useful. But many mockups have deficiencies. A real store mannikin is lifelike but inflexible; crash test dummies even more so. Inflatable sex toys are rather gauche for many applications. Stuffed clothes are sloppy and scarecrowy. Plus all of the above are costly and not well suited for applications (eg: dummy with googly eyes left on potty in unlocked office bathroom) where you may never get your dummy back.

The BUNGCO paper mannikins are made of heavy craft paper and open like shopping bags to make for an angular simulacrum that we assert is Art Deco-y. The head, torso, pelvis, arms and legs are separate and after opening can be assembled. Fold the paper as you wish for sitting, standing or more exotic positions. Decorate with paint or underwear as the occasion demands. Seat one on the top of the flagpole. Fill with helium balloons for additional levity. If burned effigies are your thing, the paper mannikins burn with a bright, smokeless flame.

Each paper mannikin costs $7 and can be bought in bulk - for when your supporters cannot fill the arena or in case you want to be buried with an army of paper warriors attending your tomb.

bungston, Sep 13 2012

someone made one for your couch! http://www.raisings...aper_mannequin2.jpg
[xandram, Sep 13 2012]


       Wife: "What the hell are these I told you to buy paper napkins for the dinner party?!"
Husband: "Don't speak to me that way in front of our guests!"

       There is no wife.
rcarty, Sep 13 2012

       Maybe you could do just one "U.S. President" model. Of course, for the vice-President you could just use the real one; no-one would notice. ..
8th of 7, Sep 13 2012

       Nice one +
xenzag, Sep 13 2012

       Say, its only a paper mannikin
Sailing over a cardboard sea
But it wouldn't be make-believe
If you believed in me...

Canuck, Sep 13 2012

       they're only paper roses,
but they only cost a dime...

       I wonder if this paper "mannikin" (where did that spelling come from?) and Edward Scissorhands would play well together.
jurist, Sep 14 2012

       These would go down (up?) well at Qingming.
Phrontistery, Sep 14 2012


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