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Paperclips for the wealthy

Premium Paperclips. Only for the consumers with the Highest Standards
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These paperclips would be made of a special formula of titanium and copper. They would otherwise be perfectly normal. But they would be marketed at $10 each, for the rich and foolish.
Voice, Oct 11 2007

When you trade your paperclips do you trade the red ones last? http://oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 11 2007]

Sold here Ludicrously_20expensive_20online_20store
(shameless plug) [hippo, Oct 11 2007]


       I wonder how many houses you could trade one of them up for.   

       [2 fries] We saw that guy on TV and it really was an incredible story.   

       [Voice] These shouldn't be used on just any old paper. There must be some terribly expensive papers made from silk and golden threads and dragonfly wings...Oh, I'll give it a bun I guess.
xandram, Oct 11 2007

       There are plenty of rich and foolish to market these at.
wagster, Oct 11 2007

       I guess I'm halfway to being rich & foolish.
Ling, Oct 11 2007

       So am I. I'll take a half a paperclip.
4whom, Oct 11 2007

       No, because then the government would want to buy them for political documents.
quantum_flux, Oct 13 2007

       Super Sale!   

       For that sepcial someone who thinks they have everything: a memory metal paperclip with three rose cut blue diamonds in 24k gold settings.   

       Originally $49.995, reduced to $29,995!
nuclear hobo, Oct 13 2007

       I use paper clips to clean out my ears, I would love to do this with a 10 dollar paper clip
evilpenguin, Oct 13 2007

       can they be used for clipping $100 bills?
quantum_flux, Jan 12 2009


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