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fur covered paperclips

fake fur obviously...
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metal paperclips are so, so, errm masculine.

fur paperclips would just enhance my perfumed stationery nicely.

long fur is nice to touch and easier to grab and secure a wodge of documents.

I suppose I could use my own cat's hair - there is enough of it at home to knit a new cat come to think of it.

po, Oct 12 2006


       We should send you some of ours - after the cat slept in the stationery drawer, all our paperclips are fur-covered. (Along with everything else!)
DrCurry, Oct 12 2006

       //my perfumed stationery//   

       Yves Stapler Laurent?
skinflaps, Oct 12 2006

       ooooh, stationery puns...
po, Oct 12 2006

       Using long fur would make it look like a hairy paw holding your docs together.
zen_tom, Oct 12 2006

       You could bend a pipe cleaner into a paper clip shape...
Jinbish, Oct 12 2006

       you say that like it's a worry :)
po, Oct 12 2006

       - but fur-covered paperclips would fail in the principal function of paperclips: resetting all those electronic devices which require an unbent paperclip to be inserted in a tiny hole. On the other hand they would be better at cleaning earwax out of your ears.
hippo, Oct 12 2006

       My cat's fur is like black velvet, so I would like this. + I mean if it felt like velvet.
xandram, Oct 12 2006

       In the great filing cycle in my world, letters are attached to their envelopes by paperclip, the whole lot being passed through to the mail room at the end of the day, where paperclips are collected in bashed metal biscuit tins, until such time as a staff member comes along and asks nicely for some. What the staff member will leave with is an envelope or plastic cup full of assorted clips – the majority of them small and bare and silvery but every now and again there will rise from the tangle a huge gunmetal grey clip, or better still a brightly coloured plastic-covered clip, which will jazz up any letter during its journey from secretary to fee earner to mail room, where the letter will be stripped of its pleasing stationery jewellery and thrust into the crushed darkness of the postal system. But these coloured, extraordinary paperclips are a rare burst of nonconformist relief amid the colour-drained repetition of office life and as such should be cherished, though not removed from the mail cycle, to do so would be to deny others of these fleeting joys. Given all this, I can say that were I to fish blearily around in my cup o' clips and were my fingers to find themselves stroking a soft, almost velveteen paperclip, I know, without even looking to verify the furriness of the clip, that my day was made. For creating that possibility, po, I dub thee a Member of the Royal Council of the Croissant.   

       hippo, the coming of the furry paperclip means that both earwax types are now served by office accoutrements, instead of the East Asian monopoly of yore.
calum, Oct 12 2006

       Fake fur: PETAclips
Dub, Oct 12 2006

       I think they would match a nice set of pelt tip pens...
Ling, Oct 12 2006

       and PenSeals
Dub, Oct 12 2006


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