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Parachute pants

Don't you pull my ripcord.
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Instead of the traditional backpack parachute, I want a pair of pants with a ripcord. The parachute will be stowed in compartments around each leg and when you rip the cord, around you will bloom a magnificent er.. parachute.

The pants are the harness, as well as the parachute and the back-pack. This style of parachute is more wearable than the traditional type, might come in handy if you live on the top floor. Almost undetectable (a bit bulgy), you can wear the pants anywhere.

Trodden, Feb 28 2003

(??) Fear of Parachute Pants http://www.geocitie...parachutepants.html
Warning. Images not suitable for children under 13. [roby, Oct 21 2004]

Parachutes for aerobatics http://www.butlerpa...es.com/aerobati.htm
Where the seats are hard and the strap tensions high. [bristolz, Oct 21 2004]


       And you land conveniently head-first.
angel, Feb 28 2003

       Picture lederhosen but the straps over the shoulder are the strings attached to the 'chute.
Trodden, Feb 28 2003

       In some aircraft (mostly single seat fighters) the pilot sits on his parachute pack. We think that both the Hurricane and the Spitfire used this configuration. The parachute is an external pack, though; not part of the trousers, and the harness is a conventional webbing one.
8th of 7, Feb 28 2003

       I think that the ripchord could be attached to a pole projecting from the rear of the pants, this would make it easy to grab in any situation because you wouldn't be sitting down for obvious reasons.
Gulherme, Feb 28 2003

       Why is this more wearable than a traditional parachute? Seems bulky packs strapped to my legs would make it hard to walk.
notme, Feb 28 2003

       Parachute hat, oh no, wait, that might be dangerous...
Zircon, Feb 28 2003

       Parachute cargo pants would be good for parachuting supplies at the same time.
FarmerJohn, Feb 28 2003

       I would think that most people would try to avoid a situation where you would need a parachute in the first place. How many people when getting dressed in the morning say "Hmmm... today might be a good day to jump off a building, better wear my parachute pants."
Brain Fuct, Feb 28 2003

       //How many people when getting dressed in the morning say "Hmmm... today might be a good day to jump off a building, better wear my parachute pants."//
I would!
Freefall, Feb 28 2003

       ok, ok, so I was wrong... it does sound like an interesting lunch break though...
Brain Fuct, Feb 28 2003

       Parachute pants... hmmm... so THAT'S what M.C. Hammer was wearing!
Cedar Park, Mar 01 2003

       You'd have to change the name. There are still too many retro-fashion-nistas who will be confused and buy them for clubwear. How about "Pants with a Parachute"?
roby, Mar 01 2003

       Did you bring your reserve 'chute or are you just pleased to see me?
FarmerJohn, Mar 01 2003

       Shirt by Armani, Shoes by Gucci, Sunglasses from Ray-Ban, Trousers by Martin Baker .....
8th of 7, Mar 01 2003

       Is that your ripcord or are you just happy to see me?   

       Pull it and find out!
bungston, Sep 01 2011

       // are you just happy to see me //   

       It's the ripcord. Really, it's just the ripcord. No-one's ever, ever happy to see you, not even your mother. You're the sort of person Jehovah's Witnesses cross the street to avoid. You've made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for not having a single redeeming feature. You're still alive because Alan Sugar's life would be insupportable if he didn't have just one person to look down on. There are tribes in the Mato Grosso that have never had contact with any other human society, yet their cave paintings have a depiction of you, below which are the ideographs for "Flee ! Flee ! Beware the Horror !".   

       Does that answer your question ?
8th of 7, Sep 01 2011


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