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How the first __?__ was made?
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This would be a website detailing exactly how the first anything was created.
From how to shape glass lenses using beach sand and leather, to making the heat sheilding for the space shuttle.
Details of every device ever constructed with hyperlinks to past developements that were needed to make the device possible, as well as links to future inventions dependent upon the gizmo you are researching.

I know that any of these objects can be researched individually but to have them all on a single site would lead to searches a person would not have thought up on their own.


       How about limiting this to things that don't exist yet? Like who first mentioned time travel--Samuel Madden, was it? Then reward posters who can make a case for an even older source.
ldischler, Oct 11 2009

       Technovelgy keeps track of that kind of thing - which sci-fi novel first mentioned a concept.
jutta, Oct 12 2009


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