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Probabilities Website

"What are the odds that, of the fifty'ish drunk people currently in my backyard along with a small assortment of musical instruments and an amplification system, none have any musical talent whatsoever ?"
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Fed by various sources: world stats, actuarial tables, etc., the Probabilities Website strives to answer probability and statistics' related queries.
FlyingToaster, Aug 17 2013


       //a semi AI interfaced website//   

       I'll ask him, but I think even if it's just semi-interfaced it's still a lot of responsibility to put entirely on Al.
ytk, Aug 17 2013

       I'm suprised that Wolfram-Alpha can't answer that question for you.
Cedar Park, Aug 19 2013

       Why don't you ask them, and work from there?
rcarty, Aug 19 2013


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