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Public Quarry Repository

A website for sharing the quarry retrieved from companies and governments
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Governments spy other countries, including technology companies, and learn their knowhow easily. Why can't public collectively spy on governments and companies, and learn?

The idea is to have a specialized repository for the public to put all the practical knowledge (such as drawings, source code, and so on) retrieved from private companies and governments to public domain.

Note: Wikileaks is much more about the politically sensitive content. This would be about technologies and knowhow.

Inyuki, Jan 28 2010

Wikileaks.org http://wikileaks.org
[Inyuki, Jan 28 2010]


Aristotle, Jan 28 2010

       clearly you are not a person with the connections and experience to do any such thing.
WcW, Jan 28 2010

       Certainly not... but it is likely there are hackers who would like to share their quarry more freely.
Inyuki, Jan 28 2010

       //Why can't public collectively spy on governments and companies, and learn?// Unfortunately when the public knows too much about how a government or private company does business behind the scenes, their perception also changes..usually for the worse...like if we knew what went into the food that we eat.
Jscotty, Jan 28 2010

       // like if we knew what went into the food that we eat //   

       There are much higher risks. Knowing military technology could be bad if someone replicates it at home and abuses it, but good if it encourages to create countermeasures.
Inyuki, Jan 28 2010

       //Why can't public collectively spy on governments and companies, and learn?   

       [-]Cause the economy would collapse? The risk of sweat equity and capital investment on ideas is the fundamental underpinning of economic growth. Sometimes open information is less productive than the deprivation of information (see patents), as people need incentive and time to turn an idea from a mental construct to something that actually works.   

       Also, If this existed, 99% of people could not understand, nor build, nor have the money to build anything that is a real trade secret.   

       Wikileaks is different, as it is a depot for whistle blower information of likely illegal acts already committed.   

       Just cause this is standard operating procedure for China doesn't mean we should all do it. It means that countermeasures should be taken to stop it.
leinypoo13, Jan 28 2010

       [leinypoo13], I think so too... perhaps we should not learn about it, let others (terrorists?) do it for us. It is not unlikely that such a public reseource already exists in a form of encoded data somewhere on the Internet, and indeed, we should try to stop the proliferation of SOME potentially dangerous information, but not entirely stop it.
Inyuki, Jan 30 2010

       there are repositories of illegally acquired information and channels to distribute said information. They aren't exactly welcoming to the uninvited.
WcW, Jan 30 2010

       No [link] ?
Inyuki, Feb 01 2010


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