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Parallel Tug of War

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Parallel Tug of War differs in three ways from the regular contest.

1 The rope passes around a large pulley wheel, so that the two contesting teams start off parallel to each other, but separated by a 4 feet gap.

2 Each team can attack the other team with rubber cudgels, which obviously means that some members must effectively stop pulling in order to carry out the assault.

3 Each team member must retain at least one hand on the rope at any time.

xenzag, Sep 10 2010


       4 You must let go of the rope before your hand is pulled into and crushed in the pulley
xaviergisz, Sep 10 2010

       This is an outstandingly good idea! Please accept this overstretched bun [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 10 2010

       Have at you! <soft thwack of pastry>
Jinbish, Sep 10 2010

DrWorm, Sep 10 2010

ldischler, Sep 10 2010

calum, Sep 10 2010

       Amusing variation:   

       Secure pulley to very heavy, but moveable, object, e.g. steam traction engine.   

       Commence contest at a short distance from a deep, muddy ditch.   

       As the contest continues, the participants will drag the object closer and closer to the ditch. The "winning" team will be the one that falls in.   

8th of 7, Sep 10 2010

       Great idea!   

       You'd have pulling and wacking at the same time! (Snicker) [+]
doctorremulac3, Sep 10 2010

       Kicking should also be permitted, and biting and headbutting. [+]
pocmloc, Sep 10 2010

       another variation: have 2 pulleys for the rope to pass around, and cross the two lines that teams pull. now players need to jump over or duck under the other team's rope when advancing or retreating. guaranteed conflict!
squirrelecule, Sep 12 2010

       Unfortunately the best strategy in the game would be to not use the cudgels.   

       Therefore an additional rule is required: only one hand may be on the rope.
rcarty, Sep 12 2010

       [+]. Could the anchorman use the end of the rope as a whip?   

       There might be room for an element of artistry here, if players were also judged by the creativity of their taunts to the other team.
AntiQuark, Sep 12 2010

       I've always wanted to see an entire tean sychronise a split second release and re-grab of the rope causing the other team to fall backwards.   

       Nothing to do with the idea I know. I've just always wanted to see it.   

       I've always wanted to see an entire tean. Part of one, even, would be worth looking out for.
pocmloc, Sep 12 2010


       M'leaving it.
There is know I in tean.

       // I've always wanted to see an entire tean //   

       It is a priveledge accorded to but few. Seeing a Tean in the wild requires exemplary patience, night-vision equipment, a camouflaged hide, and a packet of Cheese and Onion crisps.   

       But they have to be EXACTLY the right sort of Cheese and Onion crisps, mind. Otherwise, all you might see is a Snark. One reckless unfortunate tried Cheese and Onion Pringles, and got a Boojum ... tragic.   

       We picked up all the bits we could find, but it wasn't much; he had to have a memorial service rather than a proper funeral.
8th of 7, Sep 12 2010

       [8th_of_7] You only told us once, so we know it's not true.
mouseposture, Sep 12 2010

       great, hilarious idea for a game
EdwinBakery, Sep 13 2010

       Tickling sticks? (++++)
squeak, Sep 15 2010

       The one summer I worked main gate at Ren Fair there was a guy who'd walk around with a rope urging people in imprompteau games. It never failed to work - a pulley would have been technologically appropriate.
normzone, Sep 15 2010

       Each team member could keep hold of their own rope with one hand and grab the opposing rope with the other. Everyone would line up and pull in the same direction. Everyone wins! Tug of Peace!
bungston, Sep 15 2010

       Not so my amicable friend. It would be the left side vs. the right side and unless one team were southpaws and on the left side, the left side team would be at an extreme disadvantage, all things being equal except for handedness.
rcarty, Sep 16 2010


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