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online tug-of-war

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A large screen presents a view of another tug-of-war team somewhere in the world. Below this a powerful electric motor, firmly anchored to the ground, exerts precisely the same amount of pull on the rope as this other team, thus enabling world-wide tug-of-war competition, without all that tedious getting together in muddy fields.
hippo, Sep 14 2010


       This would allow "handicaps" to be introduced, so that a team of puny primary school children could take on the brutes of an American Football squad.   

       Taking it further, a team of ants, suitably harnessed and in pursuit of enemy termites as an incentive, could be expected to have a reasonable chance of defeating a corresponding team of logging elephants.
xenzag, Sep 14 2010

       [Ian] yes, latency would be a problem
[xen] you're right, handicaps would be needed as you'd also be able to compete under different weather conditions, different terrain, and on surfaces with different coefficients of friction
hippo, Sep 15 2010

       This would be still cleaner if done strictly with virtualness. It would be a test of mouse/cursor strengths.
bungston, Sep 15 2010

       [Trying to think up rules for 'Online Tug-of-Love' service]
DrBob, Sep 17 2010

       Very halfbaked. That's more like it.   

       But how do I keep from falling into and breaking the screen?   

       DrBob, the rules would be: don't push without also pulling, and don't use your teeth.
RayfordSteele, Sep 18 2010


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