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Parallel universes IP trading

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First make a wormhole generator*, do a quick survey of the patents databases in the other universes, find out what ideas don't already figure in there somewhere, apply for the patents....and we'll become rich**.

I mean there must be some universe out there which doesn't have iFoomsh, the bedrock of our own economy.

*Ok, this is the tricky bit, but once this trifling*** problem is overcome..

** Current scheme for pay to read my HB comments not exactly raking in the pennies.

*** Is trifling cutting three grooves of rifling in a gun barrel?

not_morrison_rm, Nov 03 2014


       Widely pre-heated in science fiction.   

       As you say, first catch the rabbit. If you can manage to generate controlled parallel worlds travel, you really aren't going to need the income from the patents. Resource and energy extraction from unpopulated worlds would do the trick.
MechE, Nov 04 2014

       If you invent a wormhole generator, does it follow that you simultaneously invent it in an infinite number of parallel universes?
hippo, Nov 04 2014

       Would you like to buy a worm?
pertinax, Nov 04 2014

       //simultaneously invent it in an infinite number of parallel universes?   

       Dunno, still trying to figure out the instructions on this one...flap A into slot B...argh..just trapped me thumb underneath Proxima Centauri..it stings, I can tell you.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 04 2014

       //apply for the patents....and we'll become rich.//   

       Um... that first wormhole bit might be easier.
I'll work on that part if you bankroll the patenting part.

       <spits in palm, extended hand to be shook>   

       Deal. 50/50 split of the profits?   

       Because a patent on something truly new is dirt simple, and costs about 5 grand for an individual. It only gets complex or expensive when you start needing to pay lawyers to weasel word around prior art.
MechE, Nov 04 2014

       Yep, 50/50 split.
Novel innovations in exchange for backstab-less bureaucratic know-how.
[Have intuition. Will travel.]

       // It only gets complex or expensive when you start needing to pay lawyers to weasel word around prior art.//   

       ...or until they change the laws around you while you are busy innovating and law is not your forte...   

       If you can figure out a way that I can exchange the eight to twelve hours a day, I now spend crawling, in pursuit of knowledge without my family suffering for it and then I get to 'keep' half of the profits that the IP from this knowledge will generate?!

       Where do I sign?   

       //spits in palm, extended hand to be shook   

       <forensic tests later proved this was the source of the Halfbakery Ebola outbreak>   

       (Sprays disinfectant on screen and keyboard, just to be on the safe side...institutes temperature monitoring of zeros and ones arriving from West Africa.. )
not_morrison_rm, Nov 05 2014

       Sheesh! I get blamed for everything...
The cooties outbreak of '04 had nothing to do with me I tells ya.


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