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Mentorship Capitalism

Mentor Others in Exchange for a Share in Their Future Earnings
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Purchasing shares in companies is already well known, supplying capital which they use to fund their further success. But now let's move to becoming stakeholders in individual people who show themselves to have potential, and back their path to success in exchange for a dividend from them.

The population in the developed world is aging, which can be interpreted as a rising number of older experienced people relative to the number of younger inexperienced people. So based on that trend, the available knowledge pool for supplying mentorship is increasing.

Young people, while having the vigor and energy that older people lack, are deficient in experience and knowledge. Good mentorship can help them overcome those gaps much more quickly and put them on a faster growth track. Older people, while they may no longer have the same energy levels and potential as in their youth, have nevertheless gained valuable experience over the course of their lives, which can be of great benefit to younger people.

The key to bringing these 2 complementary groups of people together most beneficially is in a stakeholder relationship. Older experienced person becomes a stakeholder in the younger person's success, providing valuable mentorship support in exchange for a small share of the latter's earnings. That dividend would only apply if younger person's earnings are over a certain threshold, failing which there's no real mentorship success to be claimed.

sanman, Jun 29 2013

Pave http://www.pave.com/
Pave.com is an example of a group which invests in mentoring individuals [sanman, Jun 29 2013]


       I advise caution.
pashute, Jul 01 2013

       There is a science fiction book about this.
Voice, Jul 01 2013


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