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Paranoia Trigger Network

Use social networks to trigger paranoia and other events in vulnerable people.
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In a classic song the performer and lyricist states he heard something through 'a network' and just about lost his mind. If an organized group can identify emotional triggers in vulnerable subjects then confederates involved in the conspiracy who have no known connection to the original therapist convey the trigger information to the subject-object. This will potentially induce an emotional reaction and a paranoid speculation. The actual Paranoia Trigger Network don't do this however, they are instead materialists that use material triggers to convey material messages into the conspirators brains.
rcarty, Nov 19 2014

FB's experiment. http://www.pnas.org...nt/111/24/8788.full
[LimpNotes, Nov 19 2014]

More on Emotional Contagion http://faculty.chic...nSusceptibility.pdf
More power/authority/responsibility = greater susceptibility to emotional contagion. [LimpNotes, Nov 19 2014]


       What to do about it though?   

       That's what I do for fun.
rcarty, Nov 19 2014

       Figure out what to do about it? or induce an emotional reaction and a paranoid speculation?   

       Figuring out what to do about it.
rcarty, Nov 19 2014

       Make public drama illegal ?
FlyingToaster, Nov 19 2014

       Very nice links. Looks like I'll be having brains with my morning coffee.
rcarty, Nov 19 2014

       Baked by everyone in Congress.
RayfordSteele, Nov 19 2014


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