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Park On Motorways

Close the motorways to moving traffic and use them as car parks instead
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Motorways are sometimes referred to as car parks. However, the situation is generally that the vehicles on them do move occasionally, and this is the flaw with using them as such. They also have useful features such as entry and exit ramps and are a good way of keeping traffic off A roads and smaller thoroughfares.

So, do this. Erect fences across the motorways half way between the junctions, repaint them with parking spaces and allow vehicles to move in and out of them just to park. Then, erect monorails along the routes and use them as park and rides to the appropriate destination. The cars stay off the roads, people get places more quickly and it's all very very good.

Oh, and deliver freight by airship of course.

nineteenthly, Dec 16 2013


not_morrison_rm, Dec 16 2013

       Freight by airship [+] but it might be missing a trick not to flood and re-purpose the motorways as modern-day towpaths, along which barges could mosey, dragging along their airship-tethered cargoes.
Zeuxis, Dec 16 2013


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