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Party Helmet

Combining Fun and Safety, one party at a time
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The merit of wearing a helmet in everyday life has been properly established, especially when drinking heavily. But why not take it to the next level? Here's the idea. You take your basic, construction type helment, and affix the following: A light and siren, triggered by a hand held remote. Two shot glasses and a bottle of liquor, somewhat like the archetypical two beer cans, poured by the same remote. The scenario begins when your guest arrives at the door. Upon entereing, they are greeted with a flashing light and siren celebrating their arrival, and then two shots being poured into glasses on the Party Helmet. With this kind of welcome, how could they refuse? And the party is off to a good, safe start. Comments as to the design of the remote/shot pouring set-up would be appreciated, as would some way to keep the guests safe as well.....
jennb, Feb 06 2004


       //Combining Fun and Safety, one party at a time//   

       Sadly, this is a myth at our parties. Friends and friends of friends are rigorously beaten as they arrive, and are then encouraged to dilute the pain with spirits. All keys to motorvehicles are placed on the roof, whereby any sober person can reach, and thus ensuring some mild degree of public saftey.   

       How about having a "party mode doorbell" when guests arrive a shot is poured for them right at the door. After the obligatory "who will be driving you this evening?" interrogation.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 06 2004

       I've always been amused by the variety of wear on motorcycle helmets....some riders have flawless headgear, others resemble old soccer balls....   

       A guest who arrives with a battered helmet might be encouraged to stay in the padded areas of the party....
normzone, Feb 06 2004

       When I'm partying like that, my head doesn't tend to move in a very stable manner. Drink holding shoulder pads might be a slight improvement.   

       Or you could issue every guest a beer bong hat with built in helmet.
ye_river_xiv, Apr 14 2007


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