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Pirate Hat Bike Helmet

Be the "cool" kid on your block!
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Yes, you have training wheels, yes, you can only bike around the cul-de-sac, no, you're not allowed past the second pine tree...

...but you are still the terror of the sidewalks, master of the driveways: Red Beard the Pirate!

k_sra, May 27 2004

Prototype http://home.att.net...ia/buccaneer100.jpg
arrr... [k_sra, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

the coolest 3 yr old ever http://www.onlyagam...2002/11/fallfun.asp
[k_sra, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Surely the Pirate Helmet comes packaged with a flexible fiberglass mast aerial sporting a Jolly Roger penant which can be fastened either to the handlebars of big-kid bikes, or the platform step of tricycles. Allows other sailors and passing motorists to see you from a distance. They'll quake in their boots when they see the scourge of the seven blocks cruising their way.
jurist, May 27 2004

       But of course. Excellent. Only thing I can't quite work out are the peg-leg shin-guards...
k_sra, May 27 2004

       All true pirate cyclists have a parrot perched on the handlebars.
spacemoggy, May 27 2004

       Yes, if you can also market a Viking helmet (Nerf horns, of course).
DrCurry, May 27 2004

       There's a whole line of helmets waiting in the wings; cowboy helmet, viking helmet, swiss cheese helmet, ratsass helmet... oh the possibilities.
k_sra, May 27 2004

       Swiss Army helmet?
FarmerJohn, May 27 2004

dpsyplc, May 27 2004

       "Gimme an R !" "Arrrrrrrr...." "Gimme another R !" "Arrrrrrrr...." "Gimme another R !" "Arrrrrrrr...." "What's that spell ? " "Arrrrrrrr...."   

       [Heard about one in the morning, tent camp, pirates guild, ren fair....]
normzone, May 27 2004

       Tricycles and such only reach six mph max, dude. Nobody cares about aerodynamics. And I think (but then I'm baised) that a doofy pirate hat looks better than an egg-head helmet.
k_sra, May 28 2004

       [Previous, apparently grating contribution removed.]
Gromit, May 28 2004

       [contracts], no one said that being a pirate was for weaklings. If the kid can't hold his own, then what in the world is he doing pillaging, burning, and otherwise terrorizing those unsuspecting tricycles?!?
luecke, May 28 2004

       Well, I'm actually a very non-violent person, and I don't suppose I will raise my children to be pirates, so it is a bit of a non-issue. I'm just saying that being a pirate comes with some pretty well understood potential dangers, and someone who is unwilling to take on such dangers would be very unwise to choose that career path.
luecke, May 28 2004

       Arrrrr, matey, t’will look right proper with my puffy-sleeved cycling jersey.   

       (Beard incorporated into the chinstrap, right?)
AO, May 28 2004

       [Gromit], it wasn't grating. Everyone should have aerodynamic viking horns... : (   

       [luecke], we're picturing different neighborhoods I can tell. My 6yrold nefyou lives among peaceful savages. It was with him in mind that this idea sprung. No beatings. No beatings.
k_sra, May 28 2004

       I did hope this might attract friend Afro back!
po, May 28 2004

       go check cloud! welcome btw...
po, May 28 2004

       "I may be the worst 6 year old pirate you have heard of, but you have heard of me." +
sartep, May 31 2004

       This would be terribly non-aerodynamic.
I so wouldn't care.
Tabbyclaw, Jul 16 2004

       So are we to raise our children as little pirates singing Johnny Cash songs. The poor dears will end up with an identity crisis
tasman, Jul 16 2004

       Well, after the crash I still like this idea. +
sartep, Oct 05 2004

DesertFox, Jun 15 2005

       Until I checked the date I thought that someone had come up with a decent fresh pirate idea. Just haven't seen this one before. I've got loads of crap ones I could post but then, doesn't everyone?
wagster, Jun 15 2005

       Hey! What happened to "Arrr" "Narr" on the voting?
coprocephalous, Jun 15 2005

       Due to the volume of pirate ideas, the halfbakery has used up the internet's quota of "ArrrNarr" for the year.   

       More "ArrrNarr" will be put in place on January 1st 2006. The halfbakery has negotiated an increased supply of "ArrrNarr" from the internet's supplier of words on the condition that we return of all the unused "practical", "sensible" and "useful" which have been piling up here to due underuse.
wagster, Jun 15 2005


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