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Party Projectors

Cheap single CRT gun black and white projectors
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This is an inexpensive CRT projector that only has one gun, some cheap lenses and only one input. A composite video input. The image would be black and white, and with this setup rather crappy looking. Dim. out of focus. But that doesn't matter.

These projectors are to be used in groups. Each projecting a portion of an image. The "party" is the enviroment these would be used for. Imagine a nightclub where the ENTIRE wall is a screen. Even all the walls. These would be so cheap the possibilites for creative use are abundant.

evilpenguin, Jan 11 2008


       requires the purchase of expensive matrix processor for them to work together.
evilpenguin, Jan 11 2008

       "expensive matrix processor"   

       Or a really hyper "visual DJ"
bewenched, Jan 12 2008


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