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Passenger Privacy Blinder

Keep to Yourself on Public Transportation
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Have you ever been stuck on an airplane next to an annoying individual who wanted to engage you in mundane conversation for the entire 7 hour flight? Wouldn't it be nice if when the airline hostess was passing out the blankets, pillows, and headsets that she could offer you a privacy blinder?

A privacy blinder would be a contraption that you wear on your shoulders that would obstruct your view from side to side and also obstruct the view of your face from anyone sitting on either side of you. You would be able to see directly in front of you to read, work, or speak with the hostess, but you would be sending a clear message to the stranger next to you that you have no intention of entering in to idle chit chat, listening to drunken diatribes, or anything else that he or she wants to dish out. When traveling with a companion or sitting next to the window, just wear one side of the blinder. Even printed on the side facing the stranger could be a polite "Privacy Please" so you won't seem to be a total clod.

human411, Aug 06 2001


       This would definitely fill a need, but the method is a bit dangerous — if anyone turns their shoulders, they risk smacking their seatmates in the face with the divider. How about a device mounted between the seats that folds out accordian-style and hooks to the back the row in front of it? Could be made of heavy paper, or even semi-transparent plastic — you could see the flight attendant offer you a drink, but it still sends the "I don't want to talk" message.
FakeGreenDress, Aug 06 2001

       it is called public transportation for a reason.
wood2coal, Aug 27 2001


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