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Passion of the Christmas Card

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This is a series of Christmas cards that depicts the birth of Jesus in graphic detail. The front shows the interior of a stinking cow barn with Joseph assisting the delivery of the baby, umbilicus and placenta onto the blood and hay strewn floor. Inside the card are Christmas wishes entirely in Aramaic.
benfrost, Dec 13 2004


       I take it you weren't too impressed with Mr Gibson's uber-realistic take on the other end of Christ's life? Have a croissant smothered in brandy butter, blood, and eviscerated flesh.
spacemoggy, Dec 13 2004

       Is there a sooty Santa?
FarmerJohn, Dec 13 2004

       oh look, a bad [benfrost] idea...
xandram, Jan 05 2010

       I understand Jesus was born in September?
pocmloc, Jan 05 2010


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