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not so pleasant cards

If your bad day is a direct result of someone else's action
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You see them all over the place. Get well soon, happy birthday, congratulations. Well if my understanding of the laws of nature are correct. For every action there is an equall and opposite reaction. That means where someone may have just gotten laid, another person may have just had a huge crap taken on them. Its time to make a readily available product for those people getting craped on. Hence my idea for the, not so pleasant greeting cards. Boss treat you like a slave today? send him a "HAVE A HORRIBLE DAY" card. Teacher give you a bad grade? send him a "THANKS JACKASS " card. President slowly destroying your country? send him a "WHILE YOUR READING THIS IM LOOKING AT YOU THROUGH NIGHT VISION GOGGLES" card. they would be rendered as unknown sender or under an alias name.
10clock, Apr 25 2005

Hate Hearts Hate_20Hearts
Like minded. [DrBob, Apr 25 2005]


       You’ve dumped your crap on me once more
And my morale is on the floor.
The day is going downhill, fast.
I hope that this will be your last.
DrBob, Apr 25 2005

       Beautiful sunrise
Reminds me of better times
I'll kill you, motherf

       When you buy cards you usually get envelopes with them. I think that this would be more successful if you sold them with envelopes prepaid to an anonymous remailing service.
Detly, Apr 25 2005

Surely the mail is delivered in the morning. Night vision goggles would only make you look conspicuous and retarded.
hidden truths, Apr 25 2005

       Rose are red
Violets are blue
You smell of old socks
And nobody likes you
hippo, Apr 25 2005

       Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Complete sentences are nice--
Spell-checkers are, too.
RayfordSteele, Apr 25 2005

       Is that good? It is, isn't it?
DrBob, Apr 25 2005

       Why did you delete the earlier anno [UnaBubba]? It made me laugh so hard I almost coughed up my liver.
hidden truths, Apr 25 2005

       Hey, I thought you were just keeping with the theme of the idea.
st3f, Apr 26 2005


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