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Patriot Act Doom

Kill the politicians. Bring the battlefield home.
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A first person shooter game based upon the currently elected leaders now in power in Washington. The user works their way through various realistic scenes in Washington DC to shoot through the rising ranks of lobbyists, lawyers, supreme court justices, political commentators, press secretaries, and politicians in an attempt to reach the big-wigs at the top. Depending upon political allegiance the shooter can play a democrat, republican, libertarian, green party, whatever and score specific points or be penalized if they shoot someone who aligns with their own politics. There is plenty of rancor out there between the parties to fuel some real live battle scenes. Every four years the game can be refreshed with new characters based upon real elections.

Why leave war to the battlefield? Let's take it to the folks that make wars really happen.

dhousman, Dec 07 2004

DC Smackdown http://www.dcsmackdown.com/
not my sort of thing, but possibly relevant [csea, Dec 17 2007]

DOOM http://en.wikipedia...om_%28video_game%29
Linked for clarification purposes, since some may find "Patriot Act" and "doom" redundant [ed, Dec 18 2007]


       I've never been one for the strategy/mission side of GTA. Turn all the cheats on, get yourself a full set of weapons and see how much carnage you can cause before you get busted. Far more fun.
david_scothern, Dec 08 2004

       miniclip.com has a game where you do a bit of this, but it's paintball. Switch decoration with munition, and I think Yes, you have a game. Maybe with a King of the Hill option where rival parties try to usurp you once you've beaten the President? Market it!
nickthehalfbaker, Dec 17 2007

       Perhaps you could make a Hitman type game out of this that involves sneaking around and getting past security and such to assasinate leaders. Some may find that rather unexiting, though.
apocalyps956, Dec 17 2007

       I am not fan of the present pres, but your idea is probably not legal if it includes his office. The POTUS is one of the few people whose life you can't even threaten legally and I think the game would. Of course you can sell it outside the US, where it might have some fans, but not here.
MisterQED, Dec 17 2007

       [+] For the idea, and for recognizing there are more than two political parties in the United States. My character's skin shall be a porcupine.
ed, Dec 18 2007

       [-] 'lets kill politicians in a computer game'   

       dumb. there are too many bad computer games out there already   

       complaining about politicians isn't a new idea anyhow. the party thing isn't enough, especially since there's enough intra-party conflicts. not really an idea.
mylodon, Dec 18 2007


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