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post apocalyptic radio spectrum enforcer game

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The radio spectrum is a special thing. Even if your world is filled with zombies.

To protect certain frequency such as the emergency HAM frequency from being abused by undesirables such as Raiders, Smart zombies, and Pirate Radio operators, in come the post apocalyptic radio spectrum enforcer and trouble shooter.

Carrying a radio direction finder and a gun. Your job is to trouble shoot any device or individual interfering with other village's proper use of their radio equipment.

Usually by shooting the troublemakers and their transmitter.

mofosyne, Mar 10 2011

Radio Spectrum Allocation in the US http://upload.wikim..._Radio_Spectrum.png
I've looked for, but haven't found, a similar chart that is as comprehensive for elsewhere. [Jinbish, Mar 10 2011]


       // and their transmitter. //   

       Shoot them, yes, but why the transmitter too ?   

8th of 7, Mar 10 2011

       some one has been playing too much Fallout me thinks
metarinka, Mar 11 2011

       // ...why the transmitter too ? //   

       Odds are, if they're transmitting on an unauthorized band, they've had to modify their radio set to do so.
Alx_xlA, Mar 11 2011

       //Smart zombies//   

       These don't exist. Anyone whom has ever dealt with zombies before can tell you that zombies show no intelligence whatsoever. Just an inhuman persistance.
MikeD, Mar 11 2011

       So a bit like advertising executives then, eh?
DrBob, Mar 11 2011

       Actually, a lot like advertising executives ...
8th of 7, Mar 11 2011

       Has anybody looked into this? We could be living amongst the undead whilst unaware.
MikeD, Mar 11 2011

mofosyne, Mar 11 2011

       I wouldn't say "unaware" exactly.
FlyingToaster, Mar 11 2011

       //Smart zombies//   

       /These don't exist./   

       So MikeD, when that zombie whupped you in 7 out of 9 games of cribbage (and skunked you twice), it was "an inhuman persistence"?
bungston, Mar 11 2011

       He had the decided advantage, given I didn't even know what a cribbage was.   

       But, yes. I feel my attempt was a marked display of inhuman persistance.
MikeD, Mar 11 2011

       Hilarious [+]
leinypoo13, Mar 11 2011


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