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Paupers' Car Alarm

Also useful for avoiding speeding tickets...
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This idea is based on something that my parents did when they were younger. They needed to transport a beehive from one house to another (in England) and being strapped for cash, they stuck it in the back of the (small) car with them.

As well as being a (dubious) way of getting bees from A to... This could be used to protect cars. You have to admit that it would be a pretty big deterrent.

The only downside, you'd have to wear protective clothing and drive a smoke filled car.

madradish, Sep 28 2002

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       madradish, did they do it at night, when the bees were asleep?
pfperry, Sep 28 2002

       Volkswagen BEEtle
Any model BEE MW
waugsqueke, Sep 28 2002

       Keep a peacock for protection.
reensure, Sep 28 2002

       waugs, you are being BEE-ing silly
po, Sep 28 2002

       You might want a bouquet in the front seat for the queen and attendants in the back seat.
FarmerJohn, Sep 28 2002

       [pfp] I don't think so. That would be much too sensible for them. They also took a set of cast iron cookware on a plane in their hand luggage to transport it to a new house (because at the time hand luggage wasn't subject to weight restrictions). Heredity is a terrible thing.
madradish, Sep 29 2002

       I dunno. We can't drive our car with one eensy teensy spider in it (we have to stop and search every inch to make sure it is not lurking under my wife's seat). Somehow I don't think a carful of bees is going to go down very well.
DrCurry, Sep 30 2002

       Just imagine the little yellow warning signs on those cars: Bees on Board.
existentist, Sep 30 2002

       Chevrolet Corvette Stingray?   

       Here’s a real Pauper’s Alarm, also based on something my parents used to do with their cars. Install a switch on the dashboard, cunningly disguised to look like the originals, which directs ignition current into the horn. Thus the engine is immobilised, and if someone tries to hotwire the car without flicking the switch the horn sounds in one long continuous blast. It must be pretty easy to do since my Dad is not really a practical person.
egbert, Sep 30 2002

       UB - fortunately I have a strong handbag ;)   

       I like your idea of a paupers' air conditioner. Bees may be more useful than we previously thought...
madradish, Sep 30 2002

       Anyone seen that Eddie Izzard routine? "Help, help, I'm covered in BEES..."
catfish25, Nov 10 2002

       For you Brits:   

       The bees should be kept under the hood of the car--not in the back seat. Awww, nevermind. No one wants a bee in their bonnet...
fullybaked, Nov 21 2002

       Sounds like a good way to transport drugs.   

       "Sir do you have any objection to my searching your car"   

       "No, Officer"   

       <bzzzzz. <bzzzzzZZZZZ>   

       "OK, what's in that box?"   

       "10,000 Africanized honey bees. Wanna look?"
FloridaManatee, Feb 23 2003


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