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Pay as you swing

A money/token powered swing
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At the park I see lots of parents endlessly pushing their children in the swings, if there was a money or token powered one it would be a lot easier for parents.
gizmo, Jun 06 2002

USD$39.99 http://www.target.c...809?asin=B00006S507
"30-minute "Quiet Wind" swing mechanism" [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]


       But I enjoy pushing my girl on a swing.
drew, Jun 06 2002

       Pushing a child on a swing should not be considered a waste of time or money.
thumbwax, Jun 06 2002

       but I thought it might make the child feel more grown up, not having to have their mum pushing them all the time.
gizmo, Jun 06 2002

       Doesn't work that way - they are being very grown up, controlling an adult. At least, I think that's how they see it.
drew, Jun 06 2002

       also if the swing was auto , mum or dad could stand at the front and see their childs happy face, instead of standing behind all the time. I had this idea at a garden centre when sitting in a garden swing, and thought it would be far better if the swing worked on its own, far more relaxing.
gizmo, Jun 06 2002

       when I was little, and I was once, I liked the thought that I could do it myself. (of course I couldn't - I got nowhere on my own) however, I would not have wanted the thing to go mad so that I completed a full 360 degree swing. nice one gizmo, give them the option is a nice touch.
po, Jun 06 2002

       Perhaps you should change the way you attack this idea. Put it forward that this way, you can swing on your own, without the need of a friend to push you.
[ sctld ], Jun 06 2002

       You can stand at the front and push on the soles of their feet. Easy.
drew, Jun 06 2002

       sctld: maybe I didn't do this right, auto/manual option would be better. drew: I never went for my mum pushing me from the front because my legs were usually pointing forwards. po: I never did that 360 thing buy it would be nice if there was an option. Slow - the bumps - and 360 , should be the settings.
gizmo, Jun 06 2002

       The core idea (motorized swingset) is okay, but I don't want to pay for something I can get for free. Probably not a concept [gizmo] is familiar with - yet.
phoenix, Jun 07 2002

       I never had a problem getting a swing going all by myself...
StarChaser, Jun 07 2002

       yeah, but look at the size of you!
po, Jun 07 2002

       I meant 'as a kid'. I was normal sized until I was 12...
StarChaser, Jun 07 2002

       me too, tyger, <grin>
po, Jun 07 2002

       This brings to mind one of those crank-up ratchetty baby swing thingies. That what you had in mind, giz?   

       I prefer the image of the parent gently pushing the child. Good bonding time. And photogenic too.
waugsqueke, Jun 07 2002

       I can remember times when I sought out a swing only to have no adult to push me. I'm sure I would have been delighted to have had the facility of Gizmo's swing thing - but there is the possibility that I would never have learnt how to swing myself...
yamahito, Jun 07 2002

       My best friend's little girl - now almost 20 months old - has always loved the swings. When she got sick of those baby swings with the diaper-type seats, at about 14 months, she wanted to sit in the grown-up swings. They terrified her, but she wanted them anyway.   

       I love the memory of that ... the tiny child on the big swing, gripping the chains like grim death, gritting her little teeth and saying grimly, "Wheee ... wheee ..."   

       I'd pay for an auto-swing, just to be able to see that again. And to catch her if she fell, of course.
1percent, Jun 07 2002

       I thought this was an idea for open minded couples to enjoy a rate based group...Oh never mind.
gnomethang, Dec 13 2003


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