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Lake Megaswing

Bigger. Better. Wetter.
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The Megaswing frame rises out of the lake, towering thirty feet high. There are ladders on the frame, and one must climb up and jump across the reach the swing. Sitting on the swing, one is about 5 feet above the water. This distance is necessary because of the danger of kicking something (like someone in the lake yelling that your turn is over) at top Megaswing velocity.

And the swinging begins. Thirty feet of chain means that the swinger can really move. After a chieving maximum velocity, the swinger dismounts at midforward swing, describing a parabola off into the center of the lake.

bungston, Jul 04 2004


       Bun, although I've seen 30-foot swings in ordinary parks. It's not that huge.
5th Earth, Jul 04 2004

       When I first read this I thought that the first swing would be stepped off of onto the next swing that has longer chains and has been held back in a position to allow you to transfer evenly from one to another. Each consecutive swing you make it to describes a larger arc until you finally make it to the swing with a hundred or so feet of chain and a final launch parabola that will have you changing your trunks after.   

       30 foot swings in ordinary parks? Maybe I have a bad concept of scale. How huge would this need to be to ensure coolness but avoid probable hospitalization?
bungston, Jul 04 2004

       I think the swings he's thinking of are those parachute swings, where you strap in and hope to God that the dropouts running the ride don't decide to push you sidways and see what happens.   

       Those are fun.   

       This is better. Bread!
shapu, Jul 04 2004


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