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Pea Pod

Sack of Frozen Peas strapped to head for alertness
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I discovered this phenomenon while driving drowsy. I stopped at a gas station and served myself up a "thirsty-two ouncer" of iced tea. Retreating to my car in a sleepy stupor, I reclined the seat for a short nap and placed the bottom of the giant cup squarely on my forehead (what amounted to the nearest coffee table). Without taking a sip, after a few minutes, my chilled brain exhibited very alert status...I couldn't nap if I tried...I was so awake. Off I went down the road with renewed vigor and remained so for the next two hours. My idea is to have a frozen hat/cap (made out of the same stuff as wine chillers and the like) available in the ice cream freezer at mini-marts on the road. Mmmmm, a cool way to travel...
allynius, Dec 06 2000

My Blog http://allynbryan.b...-lettuce-crisp.html
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       Almost the exact same thing happened to me! I was driving along and getting very sleepy. So I stopped at a gas station and drank a 32 oz. cup of coffee. On my way out, I put my change (a dime) in my left ear, just because. In no time at all, I was wide awake! All thanks to a dime in my left ear!
PotatoStew, Dec 06 2000

       I never fell asleep driving less than 5 MPH anyway, so next time I'll try that with the icy cup on the forehead too!
reensure, Dec 06 2000

       I used to go out with wet hair if I showered before going on my paper round. In the winter my hair would freeze.
No headaches yet.
hippo, Dec 07 2000

       Re PeterSealy's annotation: for Yanks, an OAP = Old Age Pensioner = senior citizen.
rmutt, Dec 07 2000

       I had a frozen turkey on my head once, was asleep in seconds as it was on my head because it fell from a great height, anyway when cold don't people's bodies shut down to preserve vital functions?
Fletche, Dec 07 2000

       acutally, I had no idea what an OAP was, Pete (may I call you Pete?)...
absterge, Dec 07 2000

       On a non-humorous note...   

       Actually, this is a supportable notion. Hypothalamic studies (a portion of your brain that controls sleep/wake cycles) have shown that increases and decreases in the temperature of the thalmus do cause sleep or arousal - and increases lead to sleep, decreases lead to arousal.   

       Further evidence - jump in a cold shower and see if that wakes you up or makes you sleepy. Slip into a warm bed and do the same.
Muadib, Dec 07 2000

       What about a warm shower or a cold bed, huh? Let's not compare apples with oranges, here.
egnor, Dec 09 2000

       egnor is correct. Studies of planned, or "stimulated" sleep show that a the transition from a hot shower to a cold bed provided the best sleep.
reensure, Dec 11 2000

       A valuable idea, sleep causes so many severe, high speed accidents. Everybody's behind the wheel dangerously sleepy a few times in their lives.   

       Money in the ear sounds great too.
M Carter, Feb 02 2008

       //increases lead to sleep, decreases lead to arousal.// [Muadib, Dec 07 2000 ]   

       //Studies of planned, or "stimulated" sleep show that a the transition from a hot shower to a cold bed provided the best sleep. // [egnor / reensure, Dec 10 2000]   

       So, which is it? References, please.
csea, Feb 02 2008

       The only problem with this is, there's always going to be at least one joker who tries to put coffee/peas etc on their head whilst driving. That joker will most likely be me.
SocialSuicide, Apr 05 2009

       how-the-hell do you remember your password after 9 years ?
FlyingToaster, Apr 20 2009

       das funneee...you must have cool brains...I have one used exclusively for frivolousness...based on some prodigy login from way before that...what I couldn't remember was my user ID...had to search "Pea Pod" to find that...
allynius, Apr 20 2009

       Hey that's one funnneeee oldie. I'm glad you and it got churned up.
blissmiss, Apr 20 2009

       deep head bow...
allynius, Apr 20 2009

       Nooo it's I who kneels to the foremother/fathers of my time...
blissmiss, Apr 20 2009


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