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Repellent cars

Cat ladies will love your repellent car
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I recently saw the body of a sweet kitty cat I'd befriended lying on the side of the road. This really needs to stop.

The idea is: make the sides of cars strongly magnetic. Then, pets wear a collar with the same magnetic pole. Theoretically, pets will be pushed away as they approach the car.

Will this push away cyclists with magnets in their pockets? Potentially, but you say that as if it's a bad thing.

4and20, Mar 30 2024

First, submerge both cat and pickup truck in a volume of spin ice. https://www.london-...ered-lcn-scientists
[pertinax, Mar 30 2024]

Cowcatcher for automobiles https://patents.goo...atent/US2245746A/en
[a1, Mar 30 2024]

OK https://www.nature.com/articles/nphys2412
I don't have the money to read this [4and20, Mar 30 2024]

Faraday excerpt https://www.tandfon...0107514.2012.685693
[4and20, Mar 30 2024]

Artificial spin ices https://pubs.aip.or...d-future-directions
[4and20, Mar 30 2024]


       //a collar with the same magnetic pole//   

       Fortunately, magnetic monopoles exist.   

       Unfortunately, not like this. See link.
pertinax, Mar 30 2024

       Why not cat catchers for cars, similar to cow catchers on trains? I'd post that by itself as an idea, but it's been done on various other scales (patent link).
a1, Mar 30 2024

       A really fast robot arm capable of snatching small animals out of the way with relatively little injury?
Voice, Mar 30 2024

       More and more cars have radar. It's all about stopping distance, unless your pet darts in from the side.
4and20, Mar 30 2024

       // robot arm capable of snatching small animals //   

       Stop there and we might raise [8th]'s specter.
a1, Mar 30 2024

       [4] They always dart in from the side. A net scoop deployed in microseconds from the front of the wheels and bumper?   

       My best cat just made it across in front of me to the verge at 5 weeks old. It would have been a real loss if he was just a tad slower. I thought it was a young mongoose and stopped to see if I’d hit him. No way. Spitting and hissing like a furry tennis ball. A keeper.
minoradjustments, Mar 30 2024

       "Faraday used a long magnet in a vessel filled with mercury, in such a way that one of the poles was under the surface and the other above it. That way the upper pole behaved essentially like a magnetic monopole."   

       Also..."If the length of the solenoid is much greater than its width, the shape of the magnetic field around the end of the solenoid looks exactly like that of a magnetic monopole"
4and20, Mar 30 2024

       All right, let's suppose that we're only trying to repel the cat from the front end of the car. Then we can make a long magnet and have, say, the north pole at the front.   

       All good so far. But then we turn to the cat; what if it doesn't want to stay in the bucket of mercury?
pertinax, Mar 30 2024

       I don't see why there is a problem with using normal dipole magnets.   

       Whether the cat is repelled from the car or stuck onto the bodywork like flypaper, either way it is not being run over. [+] either way basically.
pocmloc, Mar 31 2024

       // bucket of mercury //   

       You are exaggerating the amount of mercury needed. Possibly too much Queen.   

       My backup plan is to turn every cat into a little radar detector, which applies opposite pressure when radar is detected. Also helps most cats avoid the police.
4and20, Mar 31 2024

       Add mini airbags to a cat collar? Nothing to do with road safety, I'd just like to see the cat's reaction.
not_only_but_also, Apr 01 2024


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