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Peaceful paradox

Philosophy :: Smarter people have less offspring and pacifists are taken over
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The smarter people are the less offspring they have.

The more these geniuses are moral and peaceful the higher the chances are that they will be attacked and possibly killed by aggressive morons.

So from the perspective of evolution and philosophy as well, being smart is stupid.


pashute, Jul 01 2021

The Opening Scene to Idiocracy https://www.youtube...watch?v=sP2tUW0HDHA
[zen_tom, Jul 01 2021]


       It's the circle of life.   

       Smart people need to recognize the crap that's coming and head it off at the pass.
I have succesfuly succeeded in deluding myself that I just might, maybe, be somewhat just slightly above average when it comes to learning and processing info.

       I know, crazy right?   

       So that's what I've done.
No, not deluded myself into thinking I might be smart... although that too, but tried to be prepared for the worst.
If I'm wrong then I've only wasted my time, and if I'm right then I doubt very much that I will be prepared enough.

       Maybe I won't be the only one attempting to pre-salvage books and people with the skills to hold together the rudiments of craft and we can find other like-minded groups after the smoke clears.   

       Until then... well, unfortunately at least half of the people you meet are of below average intelligence and the reason they breed like rabbits is because life expectancy is much lower if you are raised by idiots, so you want to pump out enough kids that a few might make it past childhood...   

       ...and one might even succeed in making something of themselves despite the obstacles.   

       Sp. "aggressive"   

       Carry on.
pertinax, Jul 01 2021

       This paradox idea, [2 fries]' changeable ramblings, and [pertinax]'s gently humorous grammar baton exemplify the Three Universal Truths (Paradox, Humour and Change) previously introduced in comments on [ixnaum]'s Uncyclopedia idea.   

       You know what this means, don't you? HB has internal consistency.   

       It's probably custard.
Sgt Teacup, Jul 02 2021

       < sound of gazing into the abyss intensifies >

sninctown, Jul 02 2021

       ^ [+]   

       My great Grandmother had 13 kids, they all made it to adulthood.
My Grandmother had nine kids, all of them made it to adulthood.
I've had one, and adopted another.

       A bomb went off in my childhood and I found myself separated from all of those relatives by many thousands of miles and I know none of them.   

       Not sure where I was headed with that info but I'm sure it was deeply profound...   

       [2 fries shy of a happy meal]; it's the dilemma of easy travel; we get separated from those we would have (back a century or 2) known best. I've met some of my 2nd cousins, (and the cousins of my parents they are from), but that's as far into my wider family tree I've gone. I would suggest that most people these days are in a similar (or worse) position. Genealogy is interesting, but not really that important.
Deeper & profounderer we go...
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 02 2021

       [neutrinos_shadow] that is totally true. More and more people feel displaced from who they are supposed-to-be based on familial expectations of how they should be, and wondering instead who they really 'want' to be?   

       Not such a bad thing in itself, but bound to be frowned upon by the powers that be.   

       I mean... tsh!, "We can't just have everybody getting along!... That's Hippy Commie shit! Where's the profit in that?"   

       "Cheaper by the dozen" was a good story but I have not read it in a long time.
sninctown, Jul 02 2021

       fixed agressive. caried on.
pashute, Jul 03 2021

       I read this, and I thought of a passage in the Spalding Gray monologue "Swimming to Cambodia" in which Gray describes the peaceful tantric communities of northern India in the middle of the first millennium, "... and then one day the Huns appeared in the north, and ate them up like little chocolate-covered cherries". So that would seem to confirm the hypothesis. And then I thought of the monks of Lindisfarne meeting the Vikings, and that would be more confirmation.   

       But then I thought of W H Auden's account of Pope Leo and Attila the Hun. And I thought more generally; if this hypothesis is correct, then why does civilisation even exist? Why isn't the human race all Huns and Vikings?   

       And I think the short answer is scale.   

       Systems of ideas can enable people to collaborate on a much larger scale, compared to systems held together only by one brute's force of personality. Such large-scale collaboration enables both commerce and technology. And through commerce and technology, the over-thinking wussies can out-compete the noble savage warrior.   

       Of course, not everyone wants that, but it can happen.
pertinax, Jul 04 2021

       It's inevitable. The warrior mentality overextends itself and the nerds prevail.   

       Over and over again... until we figure out how to break the cycle.   

       Unfortunately breaking the cycle means casting the dice, and, well... that inevitably goes the way it goes.   

       The problem is, sometimes a system will gain enough momentum and run away with itself. Initiators ands followers are left stunned.
wjt, Jul 11 2021


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