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Peanuts Floss

grind peanuts then floss your teeth
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There are only two things about which I am selfish with regards to my eating habits: chocolates and peanuts.

I think I've solved the peanut problem, with the development of Peanut Floss. This consists of packets of peanuts, where each nut has been drilled, then threaded unto a length of dental floss.

This means that nuts have be chewed off the floss, which is then used to clean between the teeth, adding to the desirability of the whole idea.

More intimate couples could of course work their way towards each other by chewing the nuts off a length of floss, beginning at opposing ends.

xenzag, Apr 26 2011


       Might this be easier to do with string beans?
pertinax, Apr 26 2011

       It might be, but it's the peanuts for which I have the selfish addiction, and I'm certain I am not alone in this regard.
xenzag, Apr 26 2011

       //string beans// (Obligatory) Or elephants.
spidermother, Apr 26 2011

       It is difficult, though not impossible to share a single peanut with another person, either by splitting it down the centre using its natural fautline, or by careful application of a penknife, or teeth. Sharing a peanut with more than one other person in this way tends to be impractical.   

       If you are lucky enough to find peanuts in their natural state, they are normally paired in a single husk - and hence relatively easy to share among 2 (or 4 persons using the technique above).   

       Occasionally, peanuts can be found pre-packaged in volume, either in "packets", "tubs" or "jars" which can either be passed around at parties, or emptied into something called a "bowl" that facilitates their enjoyment among multiple peanut participants.   

       This latter is the subject of much discussion in the wider world, based on an (unconfirmed) story about the testing of the sanitary habits of those using the micturation facilities in public places, and their subsequent behaviour with regards publically available bar-snacks.   

       Dangling them on string would allow some level of isolation from such contamination. Although presumably, you'd have to contend with other people's saliva on the string, which might be considered almost as distasteful as other people's pissy fingers.
zen_tom, Apr 26 2011

       Gratuitous Immaturity:   

       //More intimate couples could of course work their way towards each other by chewing the nuts off//   

       Snicker, snicker.
MikeD, Apr 26 2011


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