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Mobile McDonalds

Fast food made your way AND brought your way
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Have you ever gone skiing and get hungry on a long lift ride up? How about hungry on a long car ride down the highway? I propose Mobile McDonalds, fast food made your way AND brought your way. while riding a ski lift, there should be an "ordering panel" on the safety bar. When an order is placed, a McDonalds cart on a seperate wire that speeds up to you and delivers your food after collecting your money. The same system could be implemented on highways, with vans that drive up next to you with big text-readout panels on the side. They can display "hungry? try our hot new 'heart-attack on a plate'" or some other sort of advertisement. If the driver wishes to order, he simply yells over to the van "GIMME A BIGMAC," to which an arm is extended from the van to collect fee. once the fee is paid, another arm is extended to deliver the food.
virus, Mar 26 2003


       First of I think that this is a very good idea, except for the obvious implications of the modern highway and chairlift systems. Maybe one good buy a custom "bar" from McDonalds and then pay monthly for them to stock it with your favorite meal and food combos. You could even for extra buy a "slave" to work at your "mini" McDonalds.
imagine3dfx, Mar 26 2003

       [virus], beware. Three- to five-year-olds worldwide have just made you their King; they want you to schedule a playdate with all of your new subjects, as soon as possible.   

       You'd better get right on that. Any second now, they're going to start holding their breath until they turn blue ...
1percent, Mar 26 2003

       Fishbone for giving McDonalds new ideas to make us fat and unhealthy. Nothing personal :-(
sambwiches, Mar 26 2003

       There's one on board the USS Nimitz. Is that mobile enough?
waugsqueke, Mar 26 2003

       This is a great idea. I wish there was one roaming near my office now. Hungry. +
bristolz, Mar 26 2003

       Today on spagetti juncion traffic was halted due to a pile up involving 3 vegitarian suicide car drivers attempting to stop the onslaught of ramdom mcdonalds drivebys.Now over to Bob with the weather.
sufc, Mar 26 2003

       <marvin>Here, I hope you enjoy your lunch. Mind you, I didn't ask to be a waiter. I've a brain the size of the universe, but does anyone care? No, of course not.</marvin>   

       Vision: cheerful but agressive mobile fast-food delivery franchises:   

       <ronaldBot>"Hello! Time for a delicious lunch!"</ronaldBot>   

       "I'm not hungry."   

       <ronaldBot>"Ok! You will be soon, I'll wait!"</ronaldBot>
Don Quixote, Mar 27 2003

       No thanks - I'd prefer to eat at some Mom n' Pop Diner, rather than a corporate mini-mchemoth
thumbwax, Mar 27 2003

       Mobility would be a great benefit for McDonalds locations in France. It's always harder to hit a moving target.
beauxeault, Mar 27 2003

       I thought we were trying to stop weapons of mass destruction?
DrCurry, Mar 27 2003

       Why not just have tanks trolling around with special McCannons. They just fire a ball of McBeef, and McFries into your open mouth. No need to spend time chewing, it lodges itself directly into your colon.
notme, Mar 27 2003

       That's a fairly useless statistic, though, or is 4 french fries some important measure?
bristolz, Mar 27 2003

       Eating and skiing? Why, that's nearly as convienient as eating and driving.
Worldgineer, Mar 27 2003

       A chemical analysis of McNuggets by the Harvard Medical School found that their 'fatty acid profile' more closely resembled beef than poultry. They were cooked in beef tallow, like the fries. The chain switched to vegetable oil, adding 'beef extract' in order to maintain the familiar taste. Today, chicken McNuggets are wildly popular among young children - and contain twice the fat per ounce as a hamburger (Schlosser, 2001:140)   

       i REALLY hate McDonalds. But why does it have to taste so good?
sambwiches, Mar 27 2003

       Bets on when the first McD's will open up in Baghdad?
RayfordSteele, Mar 27 2003

       I'm sure the US armed forces are parachuting branches of McDonalds in right now.
pottedstu, Mar 28 2003

       I imagine that there are those folks who believe exactly that.
bristolz, Mar 28 2003

       [bliss] Hmm, how much does one Mc Nugget weigh? How much does on e french fry weigh?   

       "Yeah, excuse me, but your nutritional chart only tells me the nutritional values of 'small,' 'medium' and 'large' fries. What about four fries? By the way, what about one Mc Nugget? How much for just one fry?"
1kester, Mar 28 2003

       OK the ski-lift idea I can possibly buy (but I'd rather see a small bar in one of those cars, like the one that got nailed by the pilot in the A-10 a few years back -- sorry for the description but I don't know what they are called). But the Highway idea? Not a chance in Las Vegas. For one, road rage incidences would be phenomenally high (ever sat in a drive-thru window line? people would be lined up behind the McDonald's van). Secondly is the obvious problem of actually watching where you're going while you're trying to get change, take the food, etc. I'm not voting on this one because the bare concept is good even though the areas of implementation sort of suck.   

       How about a McDonald's on jet airliners? Even that would have to be better than the business class meals normally served.
Size_Mick, Dec 19 2003


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