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Priceline.com meets Peapod.com

Why can't we let Peapod.com bid for cheap food in bulk from Priceline.com
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One of the big grocery delivery companies should source it's food via Priceline.com food service. Would this not result in delivered groceries for cheaper than we could get them by going to the store - even after a delivery charge?

Just an idea...

sorenlloyd, Aug 17 2000


       [Admin: vote fraud with users md1..md5 deleted. Why?]
jutta, Aug 17 2000

       You would be referring no doubt to my assistants who also thought it was a good idea. Just because it comes from the same IP address does not mean it is fraud
sorenlloyd, Aug 17 2000

       (The previous notice started out as "Because I think it deserves more than one vote", but was quickly replaced with what you see now.)   

       If your own voice is more important than those of other users at this site to the point of deceiving them, why bother communicating with other people at all?
jutta, Aug 17 2000

       Some people are just so desperate for attention. It's actually not a bad idea, otherwise.
StarChaser, Aug 17 2000

       Actually, it is a bad idea.   

       The ostensible point of services like Priceline is to aggregate individual consumers together to build "buying power" (basically, the ability to get bulk discounts).   

       A major distributor like PeaPod or a supermarket already buys in bulk and has plenty of buying power. They don't need Priceline.   

       A recent Salon article suggests that Priceline is really about price discrimination, not bulk discount, but the point is moot; corporate purchasers are also ineligible for price discrimination.   

       If Priceline were a magic way to reduce the price of goods, then that would be the economic equivalent of a perpetual motion machine.
egnor, Aug 17 2000

       ...all sorts of bizarre names, each one an anagram of "PeterSealy"; Teresa Pyle, Earl Steepy, Ray Steeple, etc. :-)
hippo, Aug 18 2000

       For one person, it wouldn't be bad. For everybody, it'd quickly flop.
StarChaser, Aug 19 2000

       Hey, e-business is already dead, so I guess this idea is too.
Vance, Feb 05 2001


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