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Pedaly Paddly

Combination Kayak and Pedal Boat
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Your legs get exercise, your arms get exercise, and you can go twice as fast as using either method alone.
phundug, Jul 14 2004

Ohh, kinda baked... http://home.earthli...rfun/paddleboat.jpg
stress kinda... [daseva, Oct 05 2004]


       [Marked-For-Deletion] How???   

       Talk more, and I'll take it off...
daseva, Jul 14 2004

       A pedal powered boat with a paddle?   

       Or a paddle powered boat with pedals?
swimr, Jul 14 2004

       Oww, my head...
daseva, Jul 14 2004

       It's a standard pedal boat, but thinner and more aerodynamic than the ones amusement parks rent to you. It looks more like a kayak. You use a double-ended paddle with it. Like a kayak.
phundug, Jul 14 2004

       Since the leg & arm motions are similar, this could be a good trainer for swimming australian crawl without having to get wet.
phlogiston, Jul 14 2004

       I think you'd just get tired twice as fast, but i'm lazy anyway. my initial reaction was that of daseva.
schematics, Jul 14 2004

       //australian crawl// ?????   

       is that like front crawl? I'm just curious
swimr, Jul 14 2004

       I didn't write this, its quoted:   

       "A paddle boat tends to have a maximum speed depending on the design of the paddle wheel. After a certain point, pedaling faster doesn't help because the water doesn't have a chance to take the place of the displaced water and be displaced itself. It is a water parallel to spinning the wheels of an automobile. At best, don't expect more than a couple miles an hour unless you happen to be in a very strong current. (Actually, if you are doing more that a couple miles an hour, you are in serious trouble because paddle boats just aren't designed for it; you wouldn't want to go down any rapids in a paddle boat.) "   

       But, its a good piece of info, I think...
daseva, Jul 14 2004

       Okay, so the weakness here is the paddle. Do away with it. Have some other type of leg-activated pedal system. Perhaps a regular propellor shaft?
RayfordSteele, Jul 14 2004

       [swimr] Australian Crawl - the stroke that everyone uses in 'freestyle' races. Freestyle means just that - you could dog paddle or porpoise if you wanted to (but you can't use Breaststroke, Backstroke or Butterfly) - but the Australian Crawl is the fastest way of swimming, so that's what has become the norm.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 15 2004

       Is the Australian crawl the fastest way home after too many tinnies?
Ling, Jul 15 2004

       I always hated "freestyle", because when my stupid swim teachers taught me "freestyle", they INSISTED that I try to do the crawl, even though "crawl" means "Allow yucky pool water to continously flow into and out of your mouth as you strain your neck turning it to the side in order to breathe". Why did they never let me do the doggie paddle? Why?
phundug, Jul 15 2004


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