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Pedestrian Proximity Zapper

Don't Be A Slow Poke!
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I just thought of a hilarious "useless contraption" using a van de graaff generator attached to a bicycle wheel for those times when you're going on the boardwalk ... click a little gear and the bicycle slows down transferring energy to a van de graaff bulb and then simultaneously zaps people who are in your way while you're passing them up ... the closer they are, the bigger the zap :>
quantum_flux, Sep 11 2011


       What's "useless" about it ? Far, far superior to a bell or a horn ...   

       Will there be a grown-up version for motorcycles ?
8th of 7, Sep 11 2011

       Yes, of course, you can put it on motorcycles, use it against other motorcyclists or also use it against motorcycle cops too. It should have definitely been a feature on Roadrash :>
quantum_flux, Sep 12 2011


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