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Shock Pen

A beautiful black-ink pen with high quality finger grip...with the bonus of a wood-pulp-activated shock response.
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Imagine a world where you can embarrass and confuse your enemies with no repercussions whatsoever.

Well, thanks to modern technology, this is now possible!

Is there a particular colleague at work who is especially irritating? Loan him your 'pen' when he is signing his next big deal with the corporations executives, and watch his hilarious reaction as he gets shocked. The best part: He can't react without seeming undignified, so he must endure the shock from the pen whilst signing the document.

Our new and improved 'shock-pen' activates its electrical current unit when the sensor in the tip touches any one of many different wood-pulps used to create paper.

Great to use if your colleague is too uppity, your manager is a jackass or you are just plain bored.

we_dont_eat_them, Feb 07 2007


       Better yet, loan it to your mother-in-law when she wants to write a check to anyone but you. It's called "pain aversion therapy" and I hear it's very effective.
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 07 2007

       Pain. Ha.
jutta, Feb 07 2007

       I've seen novelty pens that give a shock when you click the button on the top to use the pen, so (sort of) baked?
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 07 2007

       And lighters also.
theleopard, Feb 07 2007

       my fecking tap just gave me a shock - static, I think.?   

       the tap was empty of water due to some prat breaking a pipe...   

       why should I get / feel a shock?
po, Feb 07 2007

       Shock taps. Now there's an idea!
theleopard, Feb 07 2007

       look forward to the idea my friend.
po, Feb 07 2007

       sorry guys, i should be clearer next time. I mean the shock is activated by touching paper, so that there's nothing out of the ordinary until, of course, they get shocked. the click gives it away too soon, they can change the pen for a new one before they start writing.   

       with the paper activated shock, they've already started writing, and they can't trade pens without looking foolish.   

       So, i guess, it's a new generation of shock pen?
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 07 2007

       Ah, but how does the pen *know* it's touching paper, or parchment for that matter. I mean, has someone invented paper detectors while I wasn't looking? Or did you just mean pressure on the nib, which would be easy to get to work.
Custardguts, Feb 07 2007

       hmmm...[custardguts] raises a valid point.   

       I must retire to my study to contemplate.
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 07 2007

       [po] I don't want to alarm you, but electrified taps can be problematic. We once had them in our house after a conversion - initially it was quite fun - but it turned out that somewhere, a wire in the house (likely to be something to do with the boiler) was shorting, causing us to be using lots more electricity than we were used to. Plus there's the whole electrocution thing.   

       Perhaps the prat who broke the pipe also managed to muller some of the electrics?
zen_tom, Feb 08 2007

       the prat was digging a hole down the other end of the street. in my after-work confusled state, I wondered if it were because the tap was empty!? it may be just me though because fluffy has been giving me static bites too.
po, Feb 08 2007

       shock pen shmock pen -
zeno, Feb 09 2007


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