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A social network for health and security
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I've noticed that increasingly, with smaller devices, I have to think of the name for an application before I use it, because it is less and less likely that the icon is displayed within a short eye hop's distance from my current location on the desktop. In other words, visuality is going to become a liability at some point and it is going to behoove us to have a linguistic system that is more naturally integrated into the way our minds already work. So having an app or process about cars named something random like Alloyisus's car app will be more of a problem than the "go" app about cars, because going places is already associated with the word go in your head.

Pee Poo

First of all it combines the simple clarity of face book with the easy babyness of google.

Second, it sounds like a baby version of "people" so it would quickly integrate itself into the vocabularies of all the people on the world who want more people, which is everybody.

Third, it also sounds like pee, poo, as in urine, fecal matter, which is a great way of summer by up our health and security concerns in one easy phrase.

So someone who learned to associate their health and security concerns with something regular that needs to be routinized, regularized and also made more friendly and natural, will be in a better position tgan someone who is trying to remember the name of the longest river or the largest number in the world.

JesusHChrist, Nov 13 2016


       Bird droppings. Birds don't have separate tracts for body wastes; they have a single outlet called a "cloaca". The name of this Idea reminded me of that.
Vernon, Nov 13 2016

       I always wondered about the entomology of the euphonism “cloakroom”.
pocmloc, Nov 13 2016

       actually this makes me think of a completely different thing "I feel as if I should have read" that babies are actually talking, it is just that they cannot enunciate clearly yet, so a toytablet could hear babytalk and always do the same things, repeating the English word for the actual activity.
beanangel, Nov 14 2016


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