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RIAA-Proof Swarming P2P

RIAA-Proof Swarming P2P
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Ok, I just came up with this, and I've been up for quite awhile, so forgive me.

The way the RIAA sues you in court is by showing that they downloaded a song from you. So with that in mind.

A file-sharing program that scans the files you wish to share. Then googles a random set of small images ie. kittys. It takes those small images, looks at them binarily, ie. 011010010001101011. It breaks one of your files down to its binary data. It then scans all of the googled images, making note of long runs of binary data that coincide with the binary data in your file. It then creates a list of image links ie. http://www.cnn.com/photos/f8a8.gif at the end of the url it lists the segments of the image that it needs to put the file back together ie. 0x7623-0x7691

http://www.cnn.com/photos/f8a8.gif 0x7623-0x7691

http://www.cnn.com/photos/94aa.gif 0x2933-0x3a77


It will take ALOT of images, the url list will be HUGE (albeit VERY compressable), but in the end all you did was have a big file of picture links in form of a text file. NONE of the DATA that makes up the orignal file is coming from your PC. It distibutes the bandwidth across the internet.

The PC downloading the list goes and downloads the images, takes the segments out, peices them together, and out comes the file.

The list doesn't have to be in the form a "file", it could be done on-the-fly, just transmiting the urls and segments to the guest computer as requested. A small degree of parity could be added at the end to insure missing or slow urls are able to be fixed.

Depending on how fast the computer and connection are, it might be able to stream it in real time from the urls list. (With a descent amount of buffering)

It's not a form of compression, in the end the url file may end up being much larger. It's not even a link to copyrighted material.(read .torrent) If a list of urls to images on the internet is copyright infringing, let me know. And google too.

MacGyver, Oct 06 2006

Futile in the face of this Copy_20Projection_20Protection
[theircompetitor, Oct 06 2006]


       This is completely insane and utterly implausible. [+]
gisho, Oct 06 2006

       beautiful [+]
pertinax, Oct 06 2006

       So songs become images online which the other user downloads and extracts the relevnat binary? Brilliant.
Germanicus, Oct 06 2006

       The law tends to look at intent as much as mechanism and judges take a dim view of people trying to outsmart the law. [replaces picture of cat with picture of dog]   

       As regards the maths, the url will, on average, be at least the same length as the compressed version of the song it is referring to. Otherwise iTunes would have a whole load of cat pictures installed on your hard drive to enable you to compress music better.   

       That's a little long for a URL.
st3f, Oct 06 2006

       oh, I disagree. Since a human can recognize a copyrighted piece of work, software will eventually, too.
theircompetitor, Oct 06 2006

       I can only hope that you and people like you will one day usher in a new era of Rube Goldberg Computing. You are truly insane in the best way possible.
Joolin, Oct 29 2009


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