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Pencil Viagra

Keep your pencils going.
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What with all the e-this and e-that, pencils are on the way out. And yet, I still use one because it's easy to rub things out. And it means you can re-use bits of paper. And yes, I have a RocketBook.

Anyway, I dropped my pencil and this caused the lead to break internally. An entire pencil is now written off. Sharpening results in that disappointing limp lead moment.

I propose a high-tech pencil lead repair kit.

This would include special pencil writing glue to bond the broken lead pieces together, a sophisticated and tiny needle with glue nozzle to perform key-hole micro surgery on the pencil, a full heads up display to ensure the glue goes to the right place and post-operative testing and rehabilitation to ensure the pencil was making a full recovery.

DenholmRicshaw, Dec 04 2020

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       I wasn't terribly bright as a child (not that anything has changed) and used to pencil fight, which involved two children hitting each-other's pencils with their own until one broke. (the similar game of "slaps", I believe should be used among adults, but I digress again)   

       Thereafter I would get in trouble for having to make repeated visits to the pencil sharpener. It took months for me to associate these two sets of happenstance.
Voice, Dec 04 2020

       // You can sometimes fix an internal break of a colored pencil (pencils of color?) by heating it up //   

       Yes, you can. I used coloured pencils when making pretty diagrams for those C level coves (in fact that gives me an idea... ). Anyway, I do much less of that now, so I use HB pencils.
DenholmRicshaw, Dec 04 2020

       Yes, simple diagrams in bright, primary colours work well. Try to avoid complex intellectual concepts, bearing in mind that a challenging book for them spreads a statement like "Patch Chases The Red Ball" across two pages.   

       Watching them pointing to one word at a time and seeing their lips move is hilarious.
8th of 7, Dec 05 2020

       I'm let down by this idea, I thought it was a pencil with a viagra dispenser.   

       That it is an idea I can get big on!
chronological, Dec 05 2020


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