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Penrose Tile Floorplan Cafe

Inspired by Mandelbrot Floorplan, but doable.
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Unpredictable nooks and crannies, but to a lesser extent than Mandelbrot Floorplan, and with some standard length wall parts.
briancady413, Nov 26 2016

Hours of fun https://en.wikipedi...wiki/Penrose_tiling
musing this tiling at wikipedia [briancady413, Nov 26 2016]

Baked: 3d printed cement. http://phys.org/new...nable-concrete.html
[briancady413, Nov 28 2016]


       Given the number of Penrose tiling ideas you've posted lately, it might be an idea to spell "Penrose" correctly. But Penrose tiling is cool.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 26 2016

       There are going to be some fancy framework(s) to transition against all those standard straight structural walls. Everything else can just go on top.
wjt, Nov 26 2016

       //There are going to be some fancy framework// What ever happened to grammar? I remember them from when I was little.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 26 2016

       I cautiously like the idea of penrose aperiodic tiling floors and driveways.   

       The reason has to do with the MWI. Although the MWI responds to every electron, it is sometimes fun to think "as if" it were notably more responsive to macroscopic objects. So an aperiodically tiled driveway might change the path of a car, or similarly a floor, those of the walkers
beanangel, Nov 28 2016


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