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Planning application by life-size model

For better visualisation.
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A building has recently been completed close to where I live and I was surprised the other day to notice that I could see the roofline of this building above the roofline of some other buildings closer to me. Had I known this in advance, I might have taken more interest in the planning proposal.
So, this idea is that the planning proposal for large developments should include a two-week period during which a life-size model would be erected on site.
The model could be built with bouncy castle, marquee or giant Lego block technology.
hippo, Jan 27 2003

The inflatable church. http://www.inflatablechurch.com/
It's a start. [st3f, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       That's quite an effort for a skyscraper. How about allowing the model to be a digital 3D walk-through? (If you standardized the data format and required them to release it, you'd quickly be able to stitch together a 3D model of your whole town. Might be quite handy).
krelnik, Jan 27 2003

       Skyscrapers could be modelled cheaply (and approximately) by beams of light pointed upwards into the night sky.
hippo, Jan 27 2003

       But the original idea will tell you best how much of your view you'll be losing to the new monstrosity. Good idea.
snarfyguy, Jan 27 2003

       //beams of light pointed upwards//
Don't see how this gives you a sense of the roofline of the building as your idea requires. The beams are just gonna keep on going as high as atmospheric conditions allow.
krelnik, Jan 27 2003

       [krelnik] OK then, beams of light illuminating tethered balloons.
hippo, Jan 27 2003

       Give everyone half-silvered VR goggles and add the skyscraper using CGI?   

       Nah, I want a *bouncy* skyscraper. If you can't build it in foam and inflatable sections, you shouldn't be allowed to build it.   

       (I assume that this will be for major development only. (?) I can't imagine the neighbours being very keen on having to build a bouncy conservatory before the real thing.)
st3f, Jan 27 2003

       The other reason I don't like the light/fog solution is it does nothing to give you a sense of the color/appearance of the proposed building. Thus you can't evaluate its aesthetic impact on its surroundings.
krelnik, Jan 27 2003

       It might be easiest to require developers to model the altered view from adjacent properties and mail out customized still images during the planning stage. You can't bounce on that, but by the time a builder's bought and cleared the site (and invested in a mock-up) it'd probably be too late.   

       I'm not sure you'd have grounds for objecting anyway, though, even if the value of your condo drops by half after your view of the ocean is replaced with one of an identical apartment.
Monkfish, Jan 27 2003

       [st3f] - // bouncy skyskraper // - seconded. The uproar comes when the planning stage is over and it's time to take it down.
lurch, Jan 27 2003

       Yes, of course now I think about it, it would be possible to model a skyscraper by sticking together lots of velcro- covered helium-filled bouncy castles.
hippo, Jan 28 2003

       The alternative to a "bouncy castle" would be a hot-air-baloon design made of tailored, thin fabric in the same colour and design as the proposed structure. Thes could be preprinted before onsite assembly. The "hot air" design means that the fake building can envelop and enclose an existing structure without imposing any load on it. All you need are big gas heaters attached to the localk mains.
8th of 7, Jan 28 2003

st3f, Mar 07 2003

       there is something, hmmm, something just almost perceptibly suggestive about that link [st3f]
po, Mar 07 2003

       there's the free for all Google SKETCH, which allows simple Cubes 3D models, and viewpoints simulations, to be had, at almost all PC's. Some use this software semi-proffesionally, so a citizen's watch-dog group could easily manage such a pre-view.
sirau, Jun 05 2011


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